BitDefender Security for File Servers Receives VB100% Certification from Virus Bulletin

October 2009

Excellent scores achieved in Octobers 2009 Microsoft Server 2008 test

BUCHAREST, Romania October 13, 2009 BitDefender today announced that BitDefender Security for File Servers was awarded VB100% certification from Virus Bulletin for its ability to detect 100% of viruses on the WildList with no false positives. The outstanding level of malicious program detection without any false positives has brought BitDefender Security for File Servers another well-earned VB100 award which further proves the depth and accuracy of our antivirus technology, while at the same time ensuring customer peace of mind. The October 2009 Virus Bulletin comparative review assessed products from multiple security vendors specifically for the Microsoft Server 2008 platform.

Virus Bulletin provides PC users with a regular source of intelligence about computer viruses, in addition to the prevention, detection, and the removal of malicious software following an attack. Virus Bulletin offers impartial advice on the many aspects of antivirus security to their readers, while conducting independent comparative testing of the market leading anti-virus technology and solutions. The testing methodology includes virus, spyware and rootkit detection rates, as well as the scanning speed of file sets that are known to be clean.

In order to display the VB100 logo, an antivirus product must have demonstrated to meet or exceed Virus Bulletins stringent testing standards in the products default state, including:

The detection of all in the wild viruses currently spreading throughout the worlds diverse user population
Maintains detection rates using both on-demand and on-access scanning
Generates no false positives when scanning a set of clean files

BitDefender is dedicated to providing clients with superior protection from viruses, spyware and rootkits, while lowering the burden of administrating a server software solution, said Bogdan Dumitru, BitDefenders chief technology officer. Receiving VB100% certification from Virus Bulletin for BitDefender Security for File Servers further proves our dedication to fulfilling that promise.

BitDefender Security for File Servers is a data security solution specially dedicated to Windows- based servers. Easy to install, configure and manage, BitDefender offers world-class protection from viruses, spyware and root kits without significantly impacting the performance of the server.

The complete text of the review is available in the October edition of Virus Bulletin or on the website.

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