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BitDefender and Tribeka Team Up for Security Software Delivery

October 2007

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. October 22, 2007 BitDefender and Tribeka have teamed up to provide an innovative way for customers to purchase software security solutions. Instead of the traditional method where a customer buys what the software provider has packaged together for them customers now have the ability to select the software elements they need for their particular computer security challenges.

BitDefender is a global provider of award-winning antivirus and data security solutions, including BitDefender Total Security 2008, which are ideal for home/home offices, SMBs, enterprises and service provider use.
Through an on-demand approach, made possible by Tribekas Softwide system, customers can choose the features and functionality they need for their specific system or style of computer usage. Once the selection process is complete, a disk is created on the spot. The on-demand approach eliminates the need for retailers to hold pre-packaged stock, reducing their risks and costs. Additionally, BitDefender saves by not having to create and package product to stock shelves.
Rather than relying on pre-packaged solutions, customers can, for the first time, quickly and easily select the tools they need to protect themselves online, whether they are paying bills, shopping, gaming or any other activity in their online lifestyle, said Nick Billington, BitDefender. And, stores implementing this system can save money by only paying for what they sell, not what is on the shelf.
Currently the system is in use at the World of Software, within Heathrow Airports terminal four. The system is also scheduled to roll out to High Street retail outlets across the UK and worldwide.