How to generate a support tool log when Bitdefender is installed

To generate a support tool log when Bitdefender is installed on the computer, follow these instructions:

1. Access This PC by holding the Windows key and pressing E.

2. Open the Bitdefender installation folder. The default path is C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender Security\

3. Open the executable file supporttool.

4. Start by selecting the issue category.

new sptool 1

5. After that, provide us with a description of the issue. You can type it in the box located under ISSUE DESCRIPTION.

6. You can provide us with more information by reproducing the issue. To do this, you will have to:


• In the new window, click on START.

new sptool 2

• After you reproduce the issue, you can click on the FINISH button, located in the upper part of the screen.

NOTE: If you do not wish to reproduce the issue, you can just click on CONFIRM TICKET.

7. In the next screen, make sure the name and e-mail address provided are the correct ones.

support tool new 1

8. Before you can send us your request, you will have to check the box in lower part of the screen, and agree to allow Bitdefender to gather and submit debugging information related to your issue.

9. Next, you can click on CREATE DEBUG PACKAGE.

10. A file will be created on your desktop (BDSP_*). Please send us that file via the support ticket you have opened so we can analyze the situation.

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