How do I update Bitdefender on Windows? What’s the latest version?

This article provides information on the build version delivered with the latest Bitdefender product update. It also shows you how to manually update the Bitdefender security solution installed on your Windows computer. 


What’s the latest version of Bitdefender?

Bitdefender requires daily updates and updates its signatures more than once a day. On the other hand, product updates that change the version number don’t happen so often, usually once in 4 weeks, and they are needed in order to improve product performance, add features, and enhance security. The current version of Bitdefender was released on February 28, 2023. The build number is and includes the latest bug fixes and performance improvements.

  Note: If your Bitdefender doesn’t have the same build number, keep in mind that product updates are rolling out gradually to all customers, and your PC may not have the live build just yet.

Once the staged rollout update reaches 100%, it is automatically downloaded and installed. Then, Bitdefender will recommend a Windows restart to get the latest benefits included in the new version.

Bitdefender update recommendation - Restart now


How do I update the Bitdefender security solution on my computer?

Click the corresponding button below to learn how to check the build version of your Bitdefender product or update the antivirus software on your computer.