How to use the Bitdefender 2016 Search Advisor

The Bitdefender Web Protection module ensures a safe browsing experience by alerting you about potential phishing web pages.

Search Advisor is a component that rates the results of your search engine queries and the links posted on social networking websites by placing an icon next to every result.

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Search Advisor rates the search results from the following web search engines:

• Google

• Yahoo!

• Bing

• Baidu

To be sure Search Advisor is working properly on the above search engines, having in mind that they all use secure connection, you’ll have to also enable SSL Scan in Bitdefender:

• Open the Bitdefender program

• Click on the Modules button (in the lower part of the window)

• Click on the Web Protection module

• Enable SSL Scan

Also, please note that, Search Advisor wil not run while you are in one of the Bitdefender profiles.

You can find more information regarding the Bitdefender profiles in our article, here.

Should you encouter issues with the Search Advisor feature even if you have SSL scan turned on, and you are not using the Bitdefender profiles, please reply to the customer care ticket you have opened with us (if you have one) or create one ticket here, and be sure to send us these logs.

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