Notifications in Bitdefender

The Notifications window can be accessed from the left-side column of the Bitdefender interface. Bitdefender keeps a detailed log of events concerning its activity on your computer. Whenever something relevant to the security of your system or data happens, a new message is added to the Bitdefender Notifications area, in a similar way to a new e-mail appearing in your Inbox.

Notifications are an important tool in monitoring and managing your Bitdefender protection. For instance, you can easily check if an update was successfully performed, if malware or vulnerabilities were found on your computer, etc.

Every time a critical event occurs, a counter can be noticed on the icon. Depending on type and severity, notifications are grouped in:

Critical events

These indicate critical issues. You should check them immediately.

• Warning events

These indicate non-critical issues. You should check and fix them when you have the time.

• Information events

These indicate successful operations.

You can click on each tab to find more details about the generated events. Brief details are displayed at a single-click on each event title: a short description, the action Bitdefender took on it when it happened, and the date and time when it occurred.

Options may be provided to take further action if needed. To help you easily manage logged events, the Notifications window provides options to delete or mark as read all events in that section.