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Disable Safepay: How to stop websites from sending Safepay notifications

In this article, we will show you how to disable Safepay notifications.

You’ve probably noticed that some financial websites are prompting you to open Safepay, Bitdefender’s browser. When a banking site is accessed, Safepay is set to notify you through a pop-up in the lower right corner of your desktop. While useful for protecting sensitive, credit card data while doing internet banking, e-shopping, and other types of online transactions, sometimes Safepay notifications can be irritating. 



How to disable Safepay notifications

Here’s how to stop any website from sending notifications to launch Bitdefender Safepay:

1. First, bring up the Bitdefender interface.

2. Next, click Privacy on the left-side menu of the Bitdefender interface.

3. In the Safepay pane, click on Settings.

4. In the Settings tab, toggle Safepay notifications to the off position. The option is disabled when the switch is gray. To turn Safepay notifications back on toggle it off.

NOTE: Bookmarked sites will still automatically open Safepay. If you wish to prevent them from auto-launching Safepay toggle Automatically open Bitdefender Safepay to the off position.

How to disable Safepay notifications in Bitdefender



How to start Safepay manually

After turning off the notifications, Safepay can still be open manually just like any other browser.

If Safepay is pinned to the Bitdefender dashboard, launch it from there.

Open Safepay from the Bitdefender dashboard if you disable Safepay notifications


Alternatively, you can go into the Safepay module:

1. Click Privacy on the left-side menu of the Bitdefender interface.

2. Then, in the SAFEPAY pane, click Settings.

3. Now you are in the Safepay tab. Click Launch Safepay.

You can disable Safepay and still use it

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