Bitdefender End of Life Policy for Free Products


When Bitdefender initiates the End of Life (EOL) process for a free product:

• Bitdefender halts software maintenance, including bug fixes and new functionality, from the moment a public announcement is made on the Bitdefender website.

• Bitdefender may choose to simultaneously announce the End of Support for the products for which support may apply, which will take place after a number of days specified in the EOL announcement (no more than 90, and in no case past the date of product retirement).

Bitdefender continues to provide the free product for a number of days (no more than 90) specified in the EOL announcement.



As the cyber-threats landscape continues to evolve, Bitdefender may choose to discontinue offering and/or servicing some of its products due to a number of reasons. This End of Life (EOL) process is an essential part of the product life cycle for security products.

This document defines the Bitdefender EOL policy, processes, milestones, and terminology for free Bitdefender products. It is intended to provide information to help users make more informed usage and upgrade decisions.

The Bitdefender EOL policy defines the business and operational processes associated with ending a Bitdefender product’s life cycle and announcing the product as obsolete. The End of Life process is initiated by the End of Life announcement.

In the context of this document, free Bitdefender products can include the following:

• Any free software tool that is made available by Bitdefender on the Bitdefender website;

• Any free software tool that has been developed by Bitdefender and which can be downloaded for free from a third-party website (App Store, Play Store, Windows Store etc.)

Products reach their End of Life for a number of reasons, among them:

• The deterioration of obsolete technologies that no longer address customer needs in a satisfactory manner;

• The shift of development resources towards delivering innovative and functionally richer products, free or otherwise;

• Changing market drivers and demands.

Upon making an End of Life announcement, Bitdefender typically announces whether or not a substitute offering is planned.

Bitdefender reserves the right to make changes and/or exceptions to this policy and process without notice. This document does not indicate a commitment on the part of Bitdefender to include any specific features or release any specific free software. All free software will be released on an if-and-when available basis. 


End of Life (EOL) Process

The Bitdefender EOL process begins with the End of Life announcement and involves the following major milestones:

• End of Software Maintenance: The last date that Bitdefender issues releases or bug fixes for a free Bitdefender product. After this date, Bitdefender will no longer develop, repair, maintain, or test new software versions for the free product. Typically, this is the same date as the End of Life announcement.

• End of Support: The last date customers can receive service and support for a free Bitdefender product.

• End of Life: The last date customers can download the free Bitdefender product. 


End of Life Announcement

Bitdefender typically issues an End of Life announcement at least 30 days and at most 90 days prior to the End of Life date. This announcement specifies the affected free product, its End of Software Maintenance date (if different from the End of Life announcement date), and its End of Support date. In some cases, the period may be less than 30 days, including and especially if Bitdefender makes available a substitute product with similar or better functionality, form factor and features, and no support has been offered for the free product being discontinued.

End of Software Maintenance

After the End of Life announcement, Bitdefender will also halt any kind of development of the discontinued free product, and no longer issue bug fixes for the product. Unless specifically stated, the End of Software Maintenance date is the same as the End of Life announcement date.

End of Support

The End of Support date for a free Bitdefender product will be specified in the End of Life announcement, is applicable only for the free products that have benefited from support services, and is set no later than 90 days after the End of Life announcement date.

Product Retirement

At the end of the EOL process, Bitdefender will no longer provide the means for users to download the discontinued product, and will make unavailable any online materials related to the product. At any point during the EOL process, users may choose to migrate to a Bitdefender-recommended substitute solution that offers similar or improved functionality. 


End of Sale and End of Lifetime for Bitdefender free products

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