How to clear web history, cache, cookies and uninstall extensions/add-ons when using Safari

The instructions presented below will help you reset your Safari browser, in order to deal with issues caused by adware:

• Hold the Shift key (on your keyboard) and then click on the Safari icon, from the Dock.

• Click on Safari, from the Top menu bar, and from the drop-down menu, please select Clear history.

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• From the drop-down menu, choose how far back you want your browsing history cleared.

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• Click on Safari again, from the top menu bar, and select Preferences.

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• In the Preferences window, click on Privacy tab. Then click on Remove all Website Data.

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• Go to Security and enable the option Block pop-up windows.

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• Go to the Extensions tab and remove any unknown extensions. You should look especially for the following: Search2me, Searchme, Ebay Shopping Assistant, Slick Savings.

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• Go to General and change the Homepage to : or or any legitimate site you wish.

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