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Update button unavailable in GravityZone On-Premises

The GravityZone Virtual Appliance receives the latest updates automatically. Under exceptional circumstances, the update button is missing, leaving the appliance unable to update to the latest version (see the image below).


If you encounter this update issue, try the steps below to force the appliance to check for updates

To force GravityZone Virtual Appliance (On-Premises) to check for updates:

  1. Start the GravityZone Virtual Appliance.

  2. Open a SSH connection and log in with your bdadmin account.

  3. Check for an update with the following command:

    gzcli get-update-plan


    If you are using a distributed GravityZone environment you need to follow this guideline in all appliances.

  4. The update button is now visible in Web Console.

    Refresh the Update page to see the changes.

If you are still encountering update issues refer to Use the GravityZone LogCollector to gather log files and contact Bitdefender Enterprise Support.

Video tutorial

You can watch a video tutorial on the topic here.