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Resolve clients upgrade issues after the 5.1.21-460 GravityZone update

If you are not able to complete upgrade actions after updating GravityZone to 5.1.21-460 version read the following information.

After updating the GravityZone appliance to 5.1.21-460 version, it is recommended to upgrade your Endpoint Security / Bitdefender Tools clients to the new security agent, Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools.

You may encounter one of the following situations:

  • Client Upgrade or Install BEST task fails with the error: "Kits downloading failed or kits are being downloaded. Please check kits status."

  • Create a BEST package action remains in pending for a very long time

In these cases, please follow the steps described hereinafter:

  1. Connect to Control Center and go to Configuration > Update.

  2. Check the status of the following products in the Components table:All of these products have to be downloaded and available on your GravityZone appliance.

    • Endpoint Security for Mac

    • Bitdefender Tools (vShield-Integrated, Windows)

    • Bitdefender Tools (vShield-Integrated, Linux):

  3. If any of these products is not available on your GravityZone appliance, select the missing products and click the 29584_1.png Download button at the upper side of the table.


After all the above mentioned products have finished downloading, you can proceed with the uncompleted actions (upgrade client, install BEST or create a BEST package).