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Installing BEST for Linux v6


BEST for Linux v6 is a legacy product.

The following installation packages are available:

For 32-bit operating systems:

For 64-bit operating systems:

  1. Go to the target machine and download the full installation kit using the following entry:

    wget <download link>


    Use the full download link.

    Alternatively you can download the files directly from any UI.

  2. Extract the files from the archive :

    tar -xzvf <filename>
    unzip <filename>
  3. The kit does not contain a configuration file, which contains your saved packages and settings. To get the file, download a regular install package and copy the contained Installer.xml file in the same location as the BEST for Linux v6 kit. Follow the steps below:

    1. Connect and log in to Control Center.

    2. Go to Network > Packages

    3. Select your regular BEST for Linux package and click on Send download links.

    4. Expand the Installation links section and copy the link for Linux.

    5. Go to the target machine and download the kit using this entry:

      wget <download link>
    6. Extract the files from the archive:

      tar -xzvf setup_downloader.tar
    7. Gain root privileges by running the sudo su command.

    8. Delete all of the extracted files except Installer.xml:

      rm <filename>
    9. Copy the Installer.xml file in the folder where you initially downloaded the BEST for Linux v6 kit.

      cp installer.xml <BEST v6 kit location>
  4. Rename the file:

    mv installer
  5. Start the installation:

    bash -x installer


If you encounter any errors issues installation, please contact Bitdefender Enterprise Support.