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Changing policy settings

Policy settings can be initially configured when creating the policy.

Later on, you can change them as needed anytime you want.


By default, only the user who created the policy can modify it. To change that, the policy owner must check the option Allow other users to change this policy from the policy’s Details page.

To change the settings of an existing policy:

  1. Go to the Policies page.

  2. Choose the type of endpoint that you want from the views selector.

  3. Find the policy you are looking for in the list and click its name to edit it.

  4. Configure the policy settings as needed. For detailed information, refer to:

  5. Click Save.

    Policies are pushed to target network objects immediately after changing the policy assignments or after modifying the policy settings. Settings should be applied on network objects in less than a minute (provided they are online). If a network object is not online, settings will be applied as soon as it gets back online.