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Managing policies

You can view and manage policies in the Policies page.


Each type of endpoint has specific policy settings. To manage policies, you must first select the type of endpoint (Computers and Virtual Machines or Mobile Devices) from the views selector.

Existing policies are displayed in the table. For each policy, you can view:

  • Policy name.

  • Policy owner.

  • Date and time when the policy was last modified.

  • The number of targets to which the policy was sent.*

  • The number of targets for which the policy was applied / is pending.*

For policies with NSX module enabled, additional information is available:

  • The NSX policy name, used to identify the Bitdefender policy in VMware vSphere.

  • Policy visibility in the management consoles, allowing you to filter the policies for NSX. Thus, while Local policies are visible only in BitdefenderControl Center, Global policies are also visible in VMware NSX.


* Clicking the number will redirect you to the Network page, where you can view the corresponding endpoints. You will be asked to choose the network view. This action will create a filter using policy criteria.

These details are hidden by default.

To customize the policy details displayed in the table:

  1. Click the Columns button at the right side of the Action Toolbar.

  2. Select the columns you want to view.

  3. Click the Reset button to return to the default columns view.

You can sort the available policies and search for certain policies using the available criteria.