GravityZone update to version 6.8.1-21 FAQ

This article answers to the most frequently questions related to GravityZone update to version 6.8.1-21.

What does this update do?

Mainly, this update is upgrading MongoDB, the database management system which is on the GravityZone appliances with Database Server role.

The update also brings some other security and operational improvements.

How long does this process last?

The entire process can last up to a month from July 30th.

Each phase of the update process requires validation on our side and lasts several days.

Update installation itself lasts from 30 minutes up to a couple of hours, depending on your infrastructure (storage device, internet speed, CPU, etc.). For a database of 80 GB, we have the following estimations:

GravityZone database setup

Storage device

Update duration (hours)







Replica Set



Replica Set



If update installation lasts more than expected:

  1. Gather logs. For details, refer to this topic.

  2. Contact BitdefenderTechnical Support.

What happens with my GravityZone during this month?

You can use GravityZone as usual.

What do I have to do for this update rollout?

  1. Check that the update is ready to install from the Update page of Control Center. The Update button should be enabled.

  2. If the button is disabled, check again in a few days.

  3. Take snapshots of your GravityZone VAs.

  4. Click the Update button, once it is enabled.

  5. Wait until the update process is complete.

What happens if I have the automatic update enabled?

Automatic update is suspended for this update. You need to initiate the update from the Update button.

You may receive a notification stating that GravityZone is unable to complete the update. This is a known issue. In this case, disable automatic updates to stop the notifications. You can restore this setting after finishing with this update.

Why do I see an error message saying it is a staged update?

The message is a warning, but appeared as an error due to some technical limitation.