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Remove FakeAv software from your computer

This malware is a fake antivirus product which relies on pop-ups with false detection on the system, forcing the user to buy the annoying software to get rid of infections that aren't there.

The user receives messages of false infection on his computer in order to make him activate (buy) the fake antivirus product. The rogue antivirus resembles the program suite from the operating system and on the installation of the malware the user can notice some images.

In order to remove FakeAV please extract this archive and run the tool on your local machine.

The cleaning method is similar with the generic method that Bitdefender product uses:

  • It deletes the files which suffered modifications by malware: links,tasks,registry keys,malware services.

  • It restores the default settings of : explorer, winlogon, userinit, security center, windows update, system restore, firewall, task manager, registry editor, CMD, UAC, web start page (blank), image execution options.