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Create a Monthly License Usage report in GravityZone

This section explains how to create a Monthly License Usage report in the GravityZone console and also by using APIs.

In GravityZone Control Center

To create a Monthly License Usage report:

  1. Log in to GravityZone Control Center.

  2. Go to Reports.

  3. Click Add in the action toolbar.

  4. Under Details, select Monthly License Usage and enter a specific report name, if needed.

  5. Under Settings, configure when the report to be generated, the interval, product type, and delivery by mail, according to your needs.

  6. Optionally, select the report to show only endpoint details and only direct companies.

  7. Under Select Target, select the companies you are interested in.

  8. Click Generate.

To obtain the CSV file:

  1. Generate a Monthly License Usage report.

  2. In the report page, click Export CSV.

  3. Choose Export details in csv.

  4. Select to open or to save the file when prompted by the web browser and confirm.

By using GravityZone APIs

You can obtain the Monthly License Usage report and its CSV file by calling certain API methods:

  1. Make a request for createReport.

    1. Parameters:

      1. "type": 13 (Monthly License Usage report)

      2. "targetIds": [string] (your own company ID or other companies)

    2. Options:

      1. "reportingInterval": 4 (for the last month)

      2. "skipSummary": true. The report will contain only the details. To include the summary, choose false.

  2. The response will return a result containing a string.

  3. Make a request for getDownloadLinks using the string as reportId parameter.

  4. The response will contain the downloading link for the report.


Request createReport:

                "params": {
                        "name": "reportName",
                        "type": 13,
                        "targetIds": [
                        "options": {
                                "reportingInterval": 4,
                                "skipSummary": true
                "jsonrpc": "2.0",
                "method": "createReport",
                "id": "e249c22c-0ada-4772-a9f1-ee1cbb322588"

Response createReport:

                "id": "e249c22c-0ada-4772-a9f1-ee1cbb322588",
                "jsonrpc": "2.0",
                "result": "5aa246f4b1a43db6152b95af"

Request getDownloadLinks:

                "params": {
                        "reportId": "5aa246f4b1a43db6152b95af"
                "jsonrpc": "2.0",
                "method": "getDownloadLinks",
                "id": "e249c22c-0ada-4772-a9f1-ee1cbb322588"

Response getDownloadLinks:

                "id": "e249c22c-0ada-4772-a9f1-ee1cbb322588",
                "jsonrpc": "2.0",
                "result": {
                        "readyForDownload": true,
                        "lastInstanceUrl": ""

For details regarding the API methods regarding the license usage in GravityZone Cloud, refer to the GravityZone API Guide for Partners, specifically to these methods:

  • Companies – createCompany

  • Licensing – getLicenseInfo

  • Licensing – setMonthlySubscription

  • Licensing - getMonthlyUsage

  • Reports – createReport

To learn how to calculate the monthly license usage, refer to Calculate the endpoint usage with the Monthly License Usage report.