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Bitdefender B2B Help Center

Bitdefender cloud security products FAQ

This section summarizes the most frequent questions regarding the Bitdefender cloud security products.

Technical questions

You can create several users for your technicians inside your company. Each technician can be allocated to certain customer accounts and/or use specific administrative rights. There is no need to use multiple companies as was the case the with the legacy version.

If only your technicians will manage security on the customer computers, then there is no need to create a user for the customer. You can create just the company, and then assign administrative rights to any of your technicians in order to start managing the network. The customer will not get involved in IT services he chose to be outsourced.

If a partner created your account under his account, you can choose to let the partner manage your security or to manage protection for the company yourself. To disable any visibility and management from upstream partners, simply disable the option "Your Bitdefender partner can assist you with security management" found in My Company menu.

In the database, the information is kept for 2 years. However the reports can be compiled for "Last year" interval.

In Network you can use the Filters menu at the top of the table to filter displayed computers using different criteria. For example, you can choose to view only the managed computers with issues and using a specified policy. You can combine any filters in order to see only the desired information.

Bitdefender uses Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as a cloud service provider.

The following list shows the geographic location of our cloud servers:

GravityZone Cloud Europe

  • Main region: Germany

  • Backup region: Netherlands

GravityZone Cloud Global

  • Main region: N. Virginia

  • Backup region: South Carolina