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Location screen

The Bitdefender GravityZone tab from the Location screen allows you to perform several tasks and view security events information:

  • Manage automatic deployment settings for the location

  • Manage manual deployment or removal of the Bitdefender agent for one or more devices

  • Configure deployment exclusions

  • View deployment history

  • Create scan tasks and take certain actions on multiple devices

  • Manage the quarantine for the client

  • View security events

Deployment settings

By clicking the Deploying Settings button in the upper right-hand side of theBitdefender GravityZone tab on the Location screen, you are able to control how the Automatic Deployment settings are applied to this location.


To configure the deployment settings:

  1. Specify the deployment package for installing the Bitdefender agent.

  2. Select the targets for deployment:

    • Windows workstations

    • Windows servers

    • macOS machines

    • Linux machines.

  3. Click Save.