The "Remember this device" option does not work with 2FA

The Remember this device option on the GravityZone login screen allows you to trust the browser of the computer on which they connect to Control Center with two-factor authentication (2FA). By remembering the device, you do not need to enter the six-digit code after their credentials.

This option is disabled by default so users cannot select the check box when logging in. To enable it, GravityZone administrators must go to either My Company > Authentication tab for their own company, or to the Companies page to change the authentication settings for other company that they manage, and select the interval for remembering user devices.

If you are asked to enter the six-digit code even though the Remember this device option has been enabled, one of the following situations may have occurred:

  • You are logging in from another device than the trusted one. That means:

    • A different browser

    • A different computer

    • You have enabled private browsing

  • The IP address has changed. That means you are using a different internet connection (a different network).

  • The browser is not caching data correctly. That means:

    • Your browser is in private mode or incognito mode.

    • Your browser, a browser extension, a plugin, or a security product may clear cookies after closing.

    • You have cleared cookies from your browser or cookies are not enabled.

    • Your browser security settings do not allow cookies to be saved.

    See the list of browsers supported by GravityZone here.

  • Learn more about two-factor authentication here.