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Switching the flavor of the MDR service

To change the MDR service flavor for a company under your management, follow this process:

  1. In the Companies page, select the company for which you want to update the service flavor.

  2. Under Services > Managed Detection and Response select the new service flavor (either Advice or Response), and click Save.

  3. The Bitdefender MDR CST is notified of the MDR service change request.

    In the company details page, the MDR service status is changes from Active to Switching flavor.

  4. The  Bitdefender MDR CST team contacts the Partner.

  5. The current MDR service flavor stays active until the MDR CST team confirms the implementation of the MDR service change request.

    Once this process is completed, the partner will see the new MDR service flavor (Foundations or Response) as Active in the company's details page.



    If you change your mind about switching flavors, while the service status is Switching flavor, in the company details page you can revert the procedure by selecting the initial option. After applying the changes, the initial service flavor will show as Active.

  6. GravityZone starts counting the usage for the new service only if new endpoints are licensed during the month.