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Finding information on this site

Documentation on GravityZone business solutions is organized into the following sections:

Release notes

Information provided with each release of GravityZone components: Control Center, security agents etc. This is the place that you most likely want to check first when a new update is available.


It contains information on what to do upon the first contact with the GravityZone product and documentation. This is the chapter where you are right now.


The most frequently asked questions about GravityZone features get answered.


The technical presentation of GravityZone, which includes the available features, architecture, requirements, support and compatibility, and licensing.


Here you find the installation flows for GravityZone components and services.

Getting started

This section helps you getting familiar with the user interface of the GravityZone Control Center and GravityZone Security for Email console.

Managing network objects

This is where you explore and manage the network objects available in GravityZone Control Center.

Security management

Here you learn all you need to know about configuring and managing GravityZone security policies.

Security monitoring

This section shows you how to use the Control Center dashboard, GravityZone reports and notifications.

Platform management

Here you find information about day-to-day operations referring to user accounts, updates, maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.


This section contains documentation related to third-party solutions that integrate with GravityZone.


Here you learn how to properly uninstall GravityZone components when needed.

Agents operation

Documentation regarding the GravityZone security agents installed on Windows, Linux and macOS systems.

API documentation

Information about public APIs used with GravityZone business solution.


Additional content related to GravityZone features described throughout documentation.


A list of explained terms used in the information technology world and particularly with GravityZone.

Legal notice

Legal information regarding Bitdefender technology and GravityZone business solution.

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