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Configuring mobile device policies

Policy settings can be initially configured when creating the policy. Later on, you can change them as needed anytime you want.

To configure the settings of a policy:

  1. Go to the Policies page.

  2. Choose Mobile Devices from the views selector.

  3. Click the policy name. This will open the policy settings page.

  4. Configure the policy settings as needed. Settings are organized under the following categories:

    You can select the settings category using the menu from the left-side of the page.

  5. Click Save to save changes and apply them to the target mobile devices. To leave the policy page without saving changes, click Cancel.


The General category contains descriptive information regarding the selected policy.


The Details page shows general policy details:

  • Policy name

  • User who created the policy

  • Date and time when the policy was created

  • Date and time when the policy was last modified

You can rename the policy by entering the new name in the corresponding field. Policies should have suggestive names so that you or other administrator can quickly identify them.



By default, only the user who created the policy can modify it. To change that, the policy owner must check the option Allow other users to change this policy from the policy’s Details page.

Device management

Device management settings allows defining the security options for mobile devices, the screen locking with password and also several profiles for each mobile device policy.

The settings are organized into the following sections: