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Configuring Bitdefender agent deployment

In the Deployment Options section, the integration allows you to deploy the Bitdefender security agent to your managed machines in Automate Control Center. The Bitdefender agent for Windows and Linux is named Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools (BEST), while on macOS is named Endpoint Security for Mac. Aside from the name, the feature set on these system is also different. For details on the features available with the Bitdefender agents, refer to Security agents.

Auto Deployment

The integration uses auto deployment to install the Bitdefender agent on new unprotected machines. The deployment attempts to install the Bitdefender agent once per day only if it is enabled for the specific location, and the target computer has not been excluded.

You can select Auto Deployment for Windows workstations and servers, macOS, and Linux machines.

  1. In Automate Control Center navigate to Tools > Bitdefender GravityZone.

  2. Go to Auto Deployment.

  3. Select the check boxes corresponding to your target machines.

  4. Click Save Settings in the upper right-hand corner to confirm the changes.

    Once enabled, the automatic deployment starts within 10 to 15 minutes.


Deployment Actions

In the Deployment Actions section, you can manually start installation or uninstallation commands on machines, clients, or locations. Use the right-side menu to make specific selections.

To install the Bitdefender agent:

  1. Select one or more targets.

  2. Click Install GravityZone.

An install tagent ask starts for selected machines. ConnectWise Automate Control Center must remain open until the installation is complete to avoid aborting the process.

To uninstall the Bitdefender agent:

  1. Select one or more targets.

  2. Click Uninstall GravityZone.

  3. Specify the uninstall password, if configured. If not, select Uninstall Password is not configured.

  4. Click Uninstall.

    An uninstall agent task starts for selected machines.

The Deployment Actions page displays several statuses that indicate if the GravityZone protection is present on machines or not: Installed, Not Installed, Installed with Issues (related to macOS permissions for full disk access and kernel extensions, and to Linux critical services not started: bdsrvscand, epagd or bdlogd), Install Pending, Uninstall Pending.

Deployment Exclusions

In the Deployment Exclusions section, you can exclude machines, clients, and locations from installing the Bitdefender agent on them. Use the right-side menu to make specific selections.

To exclude certain machines from agent installation:

  1. Select one or more machines.

  2. Click Enable Exclude.

To remove an exclusion:

  1. Select one or more excluded machines.

  2. Click Disable Exclude.


The Deployments Exclusions section is available in the Bitdefender GravityZone area and in the Client and Location screens.

Deployment History

The Deployment History section displays the list of install and uninstall commands started on machines in the past. Each entry provides you the following details:

  • Client name

  • Location

  • Computer name

  • Command type (installation or uninstallation)

  • Command status (whether the command was successful, failed or it is pending or executing)

  • Output details

  • Date and time of task completion.