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Bitdefender B2B Help Center

Integration requirements

The ConnectWise Automate integration requires the following:

  • GravityZone license key or valid MSP subscription. If you do not have a valid MSP subscription, you can find out more information on the Bitdefender MSP program. The integration is available for Partner companies.

  • GravityZone set up into your environment.

  • ConnectWise Automate v11 or newer.

  • Location cache for Bitdefender security agent deployment enabled.

    During deployment, the Bitdefender security agent installer downloads a large file size to each target machine. Enable the following checkboxes in ConnectWise Automate to configure a location cache for the Bitdefender security agent deployment:

    • Cache External URLs

    • Cache LabTech Server Downloads

    For more information, refer to Caching in ConnectWise Automate Documentation.