Why Small Business Owners Should Care About Cybersecurity

Cristina POPOV

June 25, 2024

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Why Small Business Owners Should Care About Cybersecurity

Many small business owners think, "It won't happen to me. I'm too small, ordinary, or insignificant to be on a hacker's radar". But in today's digital world, every business is a potential target - regardless of size.

Understandably, your main focus as a small business owner is to allocate as many resources as possible towards growth opportunities or maintaining profits. You have a multitude of tasks that demand your attention every day - attracting customers, managing employees, and controlling costs and it's no surprise that cybersecurity often falls to the bottom of your to-do list.

But the risk is that one day, without warning, disaster strikes. A sophisticated, ruthless cyber-attack pierces through and strikes at the heart of your online operations - customer data, financial records, everything.  Just like that, all the hard work, dreams, and future you've built for your small business is jeopardized, hanging precariously by a thread.

It's a nightmare scenario that plays out far too often. The impact can be devastating—scrambling to recover data, operational disruptions, loss of customer trust, financial losses, and setbacks that could take years to overcome.

When it comes to cybersecurity, having a "it won't happen to me" mentality is a big risk that no small business can afford to take. The threats are real, constantly evolving, and never take a day off in trying to find your vulnerabilities to exploit.

Numbers that small business owners cannot ignore anymore

To understand the threat of cyber-attacks on small businesses, here's a look at some vital statistics on cybercrime against small firms:

  • 73% of US small business owners reported being impacted by a cyber attack in 2023.
  • Of the small businesses that experienced a cyberattack, 42% said it led to significant financial losses. Another 32% reported a loss of customer trust and confidence.
  • 60% of small businesses close within six months of being hacked.

Source: station.net

How hackers target small businesses

Cybercriminals often utilize automated tools designed to scan the Internet for vulnerabilities across a vast range of networks. These tools are not targeted at specific companies but instead, seek to identify any exploitable weaknesses indiscriminately. Once vulnerabilities are detected, such as outdated software, weak passwords, or unpatched systems, attackers can exploit these them to gain unauthorized access to the targeted systems.

Some of the common ways in which hackers can attack your business include:

  • Stealing your customers' financial data
  • Sending fake emails to your customers saying to change payment accounts to their accounts
  • Redirecting employee paychecks to their own bank accounts or cash cards
  • Hacking into the systems of your partners/suppliers using data obtained from you
  • Locking away your critical data until you pay up big with ransomware
  • Taking over your email or social media accounts, or hacking your website

Nothing ruins a small business faster than a cyber breach that drains your funds while betraying your customers' trust. And if you prove an easy target, get ready for them to keep circling back, again and again, until you have nothing left to give and are forced to close up business.

What you can do to protect your small business

A small business like yours often becomes unintended victims of cyber attacks. Even when you're not the specific target of these attacks, you can fall victim, because your defenses are weak, and your systems are more likely to be compromised when caught in this wide net of indiscriminate attacks.

The best thing you can do for your business is to fortify your defense and safeguard your customer data with Bitdefender Ultimate Small Business Security.

This all-in-one solution is tailor-made for small businesses. It provides comprehensive security in one affordable package, protecting your devices, digital activities, and sensitive data from all angles. Best of all, it's designed to be effortless, allowing you to protect your company without any headaches or technical expertise.

Bitdefender Ultimate Small Business Security offers:

- Full Protection for Your Team: This solution keeps all your employees' devices safe, including those storing important customer information. It protects activities like emailing, browsing the web, and using social media, whether your team is at the office or working from home.

- Protection for Personal, Business and Clients’ Data: Your employees' and clients’ data is safe because the system scans the Internet and dark web for any signs of data leaks. It also includes a password manager to securely store all passwords with one master password.

- Secure Remote Work with Unlimited VPN: Your team can work safely from anywhere using a secure VPN, which protects their privacy and data on any number of devices.

- Scam and Fraud Prevention: Bitdefender Ultimate Small Business Security uses artificial intelligence to detect and block scams, phishing attempts, and harmful websites before they reach your employees. It includes tools and training to help your team avoid these threats.

- Monitoring and Protection for Your Business Reputation: The system keeps an eye on your company's online presence and accounts for any signs of breaches. If any issues are detected, you'll be alerted immediately to protect your reputation.

-Easy Management: You can manage your business's security easily with a simple dashboard. No need for cybersecurity knowledge; the user-friendly controls make it straightforward to set up, monitor, and manage your security needs.

Who is Bitdefender Ultimate Small Business Security for?

Bitdefender Ultimate Small Business Security is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs owning small office home office companies with 25 or fewer employees. It's a good fit for businesses in fields like business services (accounting, HR, marketing, sales), professional services (legal, consulting), scientific and technical services, real estate agencies, and rental property management companies.

Essentially, it's meant for small firms that:

- Don't have dedicated IT staff or resources

- Need cost-effective security without compromising protection

- Want simple solutions that are easy to set up and manage

- May lack cybersecurity expertise, increasing vulnerability to human error

- Operate digitally, with sensitive data/activities that need safeguarding

- Require comprehensive protection against malware, phishing, ransomware, data breaches

- Need to prevent reputational damage from security incidents

- Have basic IT needs like securing common devices and a Windows server

- Have teams working remotely from different locations

Bitdefender Ultimate Small Business Security offers four plans depending on number of employees (3/5/10/25) and supports Windows, Windows Server, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms. It's a complete turn-key solution for threat prevention, digital identity protection, and privacy protection.

Check out plans now and start protecting your future today. Bitdefender Ultimate Small Business Security



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