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Discord Tightens Security with Temporary File Links


November 06, 2023

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Discord Tightens Security with Temporary File Links

Popular communication platform Discord has announced it will carry out a significant security overhaul by the year's end. This change will transition the platform to temporary file links for all users.

The aim is to clamp down on the misuse of Discord's content delivery network (CDN) by malicious actors. A Discord spokesperson highlighted the move as an evolution in the platform's approach to attachment CDN URLs, focusing on creating "a safer and more secure experience for users."

Impact on Content Sharing

The changes won't affect content shared within the Discord client, as links within the app will refresh automatically. However, those who use Discord to host files externally will need to seek alternative services, as file links will expire after 24 hours under the new policy.

Authentication Enforcement on the Horizon

With the new "authentication enforcement" policy, Discord will introduce three new parameters to CDN URLs, adding unique signatures and expiration timestamps. These changes will ensure that files uploaded to Discord's servers can't be hosted indefinitely, a feature previously exploited by cybercriminals.

A Haven for Cybercriminal Activity

The platform's leniency in file hosting has inadvertently provided fertile ground for malicious activities. Various threat actors, from state-backed hackers to financially motivated groups, have used Discord servers to distribute malware and conduct data exfiltration.

Staying Safe in Discord's Digital Environment

In light of the upcoming changes, users must remain vigilant. Below are some recommendations to enhance personal cybersecurity:

  • Be cautious with unknown links, even those from familiar sources.
  • Use robust security software such as Bitdefender Ultimate Security that can provide real-time protection against malware.
  • Keep your operating system and applications updated to patch potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Regularly review and adjust your Discord privacy settings to limit who can send you messages or files.




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