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Upgrading Bitdefender after installing Windows 10

If you’re running one of the 2012, 2013, 2014 or 2015 versions of Bitdefender on your computer and you decide to upgrade your Operating System to Windows 10, you will be able ...

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How to install Bitdefender 2015 on Windows XP and Windows Vista?

IMPORTANT: The below kits are valid for Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. If you are using Windows 7, Windows 8, WIndows 8.1 or Windows 10, please install Bitdefender ...

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How to install Bitdefender 2015 on Windows 10 with the offline installation kit?

Here are the steps to install Bitdefender 2015 using the offline installation kits: 1. Use our uninstall tool in order to uninstall/delete any previous Bitdefender ...

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Is Bitdefender 2015 compatible with Windows 10? (upgrade and installation process)

Bitdefender is committed to delivering innovative and effective security solutions to you. This is why the latest Bitdefender version - 2015, is fully compatible with Windows 10. If ...

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Bitdefender 2015 "setup has encountered an error"

The most probable cause for the below error message (“Bitdefender setup has encountered an error”) is corrupted permissions of your operating system. Here ...

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On-access scanning (Real Time Protection) is disabled. What to do?

If theOn-access scanning (Real Tine Protection) of Bitdefender is disabled, the program will notify you. If you get this notification, please follow the steps bellow ...

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What to do if I lose the internet connection after upgrading to Windows 10?

If you are having issues with the internet connection after you upgraded your OS to Windows 10, please set the Bitdefender Firewall correctly, by following these steps: 1. ...

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Bitdefender installation fails due to ASUS AI Suite software

In some cases, one might encounter difficulties when trying to install Bitdefender on a computer that is also running the ASUS AI Suite software (the computer might freeze or a BSOD ...

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What to do when autofill is not working

You have saved your online credentials in Bitdefender Wallet and you noticed that the autofill is not working. Usually, this issue appears when the Bitdefender Wallet extension is ...

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Bitdefender services are not responding

This article helps you troubleshoot the Bitdefender Services are not responding error. You may encounter this error as follows: The Bitdefender icon in the system tray is ...

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Microsoft Edge (the Windows 10 internet browser) and Bitdefender Wallet

Microsoft Edge (formerly Project Spartan) is the name of Microsoft's next-generation web browser built into Windows 10. For the moment Microsoft announced that Edge doesn't ...

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What to do when encountering update errors in Bitdefender 2015?

Update errors usually appear when there is an issue with the internet connection (the connection temporary failed, you are using a proxy, another firewall blocked the Bitdefender ...

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Safego protection for Facebook - End of Life

There are unfortunate situations when our apps need to be discontinued because of the restrictions posed by 3rd party APIs or policies on which they rely. This case also applies ...

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How do I install Bitdefender 2015 on a second computer?

If you have purchased a license key for more than one computer, you can use the same license key to register a second PC. To install Bitdefender correctly on a second computer, ...

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How to upgrade for free from an older version to Bitdefender 2015?

NOTE: The below links apply to Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. If you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista, please use the links from this article. Installing ...

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Bitdefender 2015 found an infection. What to do?

When Bitdefender 2015 detects an infection, it will take automatic action for the detected malware. Some malware will have to be cleaned when Windows starts and for ...

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What to do if I get a lot of pop-ups / ads (or my internet home page is changed)?

When going online, if you get pop-ups on the pages of your browser, you probably got on your computer some intrusive applications/toolbars. The same thing applies if your homepage ...

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How to manually remove an infected file from your computer

In order to manually remove an infected item from your computer you need to perform the following steps: 1. Restart the computer in Safe Mode. You can do that, by following ...

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Antispam filter does not detect any spam message

If no spam message is marked as [spam], there may be a problem with the Bitdefender Antispam filter. Before troubleshooting this problem, make sure it is not caused by one of the ...

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Legitimate messages are marked as [spam]

Legitimate messages are marked as [spam] simply because they look like spam to the Bitdefender antispam filter. You can normally solve this problem by adequately configuring the ...

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My system appears to be slow

Usually, after installing a security software, there may appear a slight slowdown of the system, which to a certain degree is normal. If you notice a significant slowdown, ...

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How do I log in to MyBitdefender using another online account?

To successfully use another account, follow these steps: 1. Open the Bitdefender window. 2. Click MyBitdefender at the top of the window and then select Account settings ...

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How do I change MyBitdefender e-mail address?

You have created a MyBitdefender account using an e-mail address you no longer use and now you would like to change it. The e-mail address cannot be changed, but you can use ...

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When does my Bitdefender protection expire?

To find out the remaining number of days from your license key, follow these steps: Open the Bitdefender window. A link that indicates the number ...

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How do I renew my Bitdefender protection?

When your Bitdefender protection is about to expire, you must renew your license key. Follow these steps to visit a website where you can renew your Bitdefender license key: Open ...

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