Internet Security 2013

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    What to do when system crashes after installing Bitdefender on Windows 8

    With certain hardware configurations, after installing Bitdefender 2013 on a computer using Windows 8 64bits, you might encounter some system crashes. There are 4 main actions ...

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    How to solve Autoscan is disabled on Windows 8

    After upgrading to Windows 8, you might see the Bitdefender Autoscan feature OFF. This is due to some files not being properly upgraded. Thus, please update Bitdefender (open ...

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    How to Repair Bitdefender 2013 on Windows 8

    In case you need to use the repair feature in Bitdefender 2013 you can proceed as follows: 1. You can repair Bitdefender directly from your MetroApp. Note: if you are already ...

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    How do I create a custom scan task?

    If you want to scan specific locations on your computer or to configure the scanning options, configure and run a Custom Scan. To create a customized scan task, proceed as follows: Open ...

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