Asking for assistance - Unix/Linux products

In order to gather the needed pieces of information, follow these steps:

1. Save the script to your server:

  • from a console environment: wget http://www.bitdefender.com/files/KnowledgeBase/file/bdsysinfo.sh
  • from a graphic environment: click DOWNLOAD and choose "Save" or "Save as..."

2. Login as root or become root using the su command (where available).

3. Switch to the directory where you have downloaded the file and execute it with this command:

sh bdsysinfo.sh
sudo sh bdsysinfo.sh

The script will start gathering information and display its progress. The report will be saved as an archive called bdsysinfo.tar.gz.

When contacting the technical support team, please have prepared the above mentioned report, an accurate description of the issue and the error message (if any).


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