Start with the App

To setup your new BOX, start by downloading and installing the BOX App.

Setting up your BOX

Bitdefender BOX can be set up alongside an existing router, as a companion or you can connect the BOX directly to the internet and have it work as a standalone router

I have an AirPort

setup BOX alongside an Apple AirPort

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I have a router

setup BOX alongside a router

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I don`t have a router

setup BOX as a standalone router

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For free 24/7 setup assistance please contact our dedicated support team.
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Bitdefender BOX


BOX displays its status through the LED positioned on the front lower side of the case.

  • Teal and steady

    is performing its functions properly.

  • Red and steady

    In recovery.

  • White and blinking.

    A firmware update is in progress.

  • Red and blinking rapidly (one-second bursts)

    The BOX is malfunctioning. The same behavior occurs when the on-demand Recovery process starts.

Installation Requirements

  • Compatible Wi-Fi router, gateway or modem. * (Learn More)
  • Access to the router?s admin credentials in order to edit the DHCP settings on your networking equipment. **
  • Phone or tablet running iOS 7.0 or newer | Android 4.0 or newer
  • BOX account created during purchase in order to install the
    Bitdefender BOX app and manage the network.
  • Bitdefender BOX Central account

* Most AT&T & Comcast network equipment is incompatible with Bitdefender BOX.

** Some ISPs restrict access to this feature or require changes to your monthly plan.