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How to scan your computer with Bitdefender Rescue CD

Here's how to use Bitdefender Rescue CD to quickly scan and disinfect an infected operating system that cannot start normally:

1. First, you need to boot the computer from a device which has Bitdefender Rescue CD on it. For details on how to create a Bitdefender Rescue CD, refer to this KB article.

a. When booting from a local removable device, plug in the USB device or insert the CD/DVD into the infected computer. 

b. Reboot the computer.

c. During the boot process, go to the Boot Menu by pressing the appropriate key, as displayed on the screen. Most common keys are: F8, F10, F12 or ESC, depending on the model of the computer.

d. Choose the device to boot from:

- USB device

- CD/DVD device

2. Select Start the Bitdefender Rescue CD in English from the option menu and press ENTER. The Bitdefender Rescue CD will load and it will display the welcome screen

3. To continue using the product, you must read and agree to the License Agreement. Select the corresponding check box and click Continue. Bitdefender scanner will automatically update and start to scan all local drives.

4.      When the scan is complete, remove or quarantine any infection found.

5.      Exit Bitdefender Rescue CD and reboot your computer:

a. From the lower-left corner of your desktop screen, click the  Bitdefender icon and then select Log Out. The Log Out window will appear.

b. Click  Restart and wait for the computer to boot normally.


6.  Eject the device you have used.

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