New Bitdefender Parental Control: Important Updates & Benefits

The new Bitdefender Parental Control is designed to provide you with enhanced features and better control over your child’s online activities. This transition brings several benefits for existing users, along with some notable changes. Please review the information below to familiarize yourself with what to expect.

New Bitdefender Parental Control

Key Advantages

  • Unified Reporting and Management: Enjoy a streamlined experience with unified reporting and easier management across all devices, providing you with a better overview of your child’s online activities. All devices support the same Parental Control capabilities.
  • Focused on Child’s Online Activities: Our solution is tailored to prioritize your child’s online safety by preventing excessive use and exposure to inappropriate content.
  • Internet Time Reward System: Introducing a new feature that allows you to reward or extend internet time for your child, promoting healthy online habits.
  • YouTube and Google Search Restrictions: Keep your child safe from unsuitable content by restricting access to YouTube and filtering Google searches.
  • Improved Activities Management: Choose from 3 preset and customizable filtering modes — Focus time, Family time, and Bedtime — to effectively manage your child’s online activities.
  • Automatic Migration of Profile Settings: Experience a smooth transition as your child’s profile settings are automatically migrated to the new Bitdefender Parental Control, requiring minimal effort from parents.


What’s New or Changed in Bitdefender Parental Control

  • Adjustment of Daily Time Limits: Daily time limits are slightly rounded and changed to accommodate the new system.
  • Introduction of New Routines: Existing schedules are mapped to new routines — Focus time, Family time, and Bedtime — based on their intervals, with adjustments to routine times.
  • Changes to Pause Activity: Children’s profiles with paused activity will have restricted internet access. The pause activity feature is now labeled as “Stop Internet.”
  • Migration of Website Exceptions: Website exceptions will be migrated, but specific URLs previously set as allowed or blocked will no longer apply.
  • Seamless Migration of Website Categories: Website-restricted categories are seamlessly migrated and will apply to all devices under a child profile, eliminating per-device management.
  • Mapping of Restricted Applications: Applications with previously restricted access will be mapped to corresponding categories under Content filtering.
  • Transition from Old Reports to New Ones: Old reports will no longer be available, but new ones will populate as soon as Parental Control is active.
  • Shift from Screen Time to Internet Time: With a focus on the child’s online activities, “Screen Time” is now labeled as “Internet Time.”
  • End of Support for Older Apple Devices: iPhones and iPads using iOS 14 or earlier, along with Mac computers running macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or earlier, are no longer supported. Bitdefender Parental Control will continue to function with previous settings but will not be manageable on these devices.
  • Change in Management Platform: Parental Control management will no longer be available in the Bitdefender Central app, but access to the corresponding web version will be facilitated within the app.


We understand that change can sometimes be challenging. We believe these updates will ultimately improve your experience and provide better protection for your child online. Thank you for choosing the new Bitdefender Parental Control!