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Bitdefender prevents System Restore. What can I do?

Bitdefender’s self-protect mechanism prevents any modifications to Bitdefender processes and will block any attempts to do such things. Critical Bitdefender processes closed by other programs would represent a breach of security. Thus, in many cases, System Restore fails when these processes are active.

To perform a System Restore adequately, you will have to choose one of the following methods:


Method 1

• Uninstall Bitdefender using one of the Uninstall Tools available here.

• Restart your device.

• Perform a System Restore, using the instructions in this article.

NOTE: The System Restore process may tamper with the Bitdefender files. We recommend running the Uninstall Tool again, to make sure you have a clean reinstall.

• Reinstall Bitdefender, by following these steps.


Method 2

• Hold the Windows key and tap the key.

• Type msconfig in the corresponding bracket and then press Enter.

• Now, select the Boot tab from the System Configuration windows.

• Check the box next to Safe Boot, then click on OK and restart your device.

• Run System Restore, by following these instructions.

• After the process is completed, hold the Windows key and tap R.

• Type msconfig in the bracket and press Enter.

• Uncheck Safe Boot from the Boot tab and restart your device normally.

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