I have two Bitdefender icons in the menu bar/ two instances of Bitdefender on my Mac

This situation occurs when you have Antivirus for Mac listed at Login Items or when you accidentally duplicated the Bitdefender folder.

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To fix this, proceed as follows:

Remove Antivirus for Mac from the Login Items list

1. Open System Preferences from Dock.

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2. Go to Users & Groups and select Login Items.

3. Select Antivirus for Mac and click on the ““ button to remove it.

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4. Restart your Mac in Safe Boot. To do this, you can follow the instructions presented in this article.

5. Restart your Mac normally

Check for duplicate Bitdefender folders and remove  them

1. Go to Applications

In the Applications folder there should be only an alias of Antivirus for Mac and it should have only 46 Bytes. You can tell it’s an alias because it has the small curved arrow in its icon.

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NOTE: If you have any other icons or any folders related to Bitdefender, move them to Trash. The Bitdefender folder should be only in /Library.

2. Empty the Trash and restart your Mac in Safe Boot. To do this, you can follow the instructions presented in this article.

3. Restart your Mac normally

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