US-Based Urgent Care and Ambulance Service Discloses Cyberattack


May 09, 2024

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US-Based Urgent Care and Ambulance Service Discloses Cyberattack

New York-based mobile urgent care firm and ambulance service DocGo recently suffered a cyberattack that enabled threat actors to access the personal information of an undisclosed number of patients.

DocGo is a healthcare firm that provides mobile health services, ambulance services and remote monitoring across the UK and thirty US states.

According to a FORM 8-K filing filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the healthcare provider said the incident impacted a “limited number of healthcare records" from its US-based ambulance transportation systems.

The company emphasized that, although the investigation is ongoing, it has contained the incident and found “no evidence of continued unauthorized activity on its systems.”

"Promptly after detecting unauthorized activity, the company took steps to contain and respond to the incident, including launching an investigation, with assistance from leading third-party cybersecurity experts, and notifying relevant law enforcement," DocGo explained.

No threat actor group has yet taken responsibility for the attack, and the company is contacting individuals whose protected health information was accessed.

Until further details regarding the breach emerge, we recommend that patients remain vigilant against suspicious activity, and:

  • Closely monitor online accounts against fraudulent activity
  • Scrutinize all unrequested correspondence received via email, phone or text
  • Report suspicious activity to any service provider
  • Use a digital identity protection service to monitor for data leaks on the dark web

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