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Hackers Post Screenshots of Cyberattack Discussions from Inside Western Digital Infrastructure


May 02, 2023

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Hackers Post Screenshots of Cyberattack Discussions from Inside Western Digital Infrastructure

The Western Digital cyberattack saga seems to be dragging on despite assurances from the company that the initial incident is under investigation.

Hackers likely belonging to a group named ALPHV have started to post screenshots of discussions taking place inside Western Digital after the initial ransomware attack only a few weeks ago, according to a BleepingComputer report.

In April, Western Digital issued a statement acknowledging that they’d fallen victim to an attack and the company was still assessing the damage.

"On March 26, 2023, Western Digital identified a network security incident involving Western Digital's systems," the company explained. "In connection with the ongoing incident, an unauthorized third party gained access to a number of the Company's systems."

"Upon discovery of the incident, the company implemented incident response efforts and initiated an investigation with the assistance of leading outside security and forensic experts. This investigation is in its early stages and Western Digital is coordinating with law enforcement authorities."

The situation was severe enough to warrant the closure of My Cloud, a backup service it offered to clients, leaving people without access to their personal data. Western Digital was still trying to determine what type of access the attackers had and to understand what kind of data was stolen.

In brazen defiance, hackers have now posted screenshots of emails, videos and other discussions pertaining to the initial attack from inside WD, which can only mean that the hackers still had full visibility long after the cybersecurity incident was discovered. The attackers also claim to have customers' personal information and much more.

The screenshots are part of an attempt to force the company to pay the ransom, especially since Western Digital refused to pay the hackers after the first incident.




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