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Bitdefender Adds Free Email Protection for Gmail and Outlook Accounts to Its Security Solutions


February 06, 2024

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Bitdefender Adds Free Email Protection for Gmail and Outlook Accounts to Its Security Solutions

Bitdefender has added a new layer of defense in its security solutions, called Email Protection, that directly integrates with Gmail and Outlook webmail services, clarifying to users which email is dangerous or safe.

Bitdefender continues to innovate and find new ways of combating cybercrime to its relentless fight against scams, which are driven mainly by malicious emails and messages. Email Protection follows up two of its recently released features, Scam Alert and App Anomaly Detection, to help people discover dangerous messages at a glance.

Malicious emails sustain and drive attackers' campaigns. They're the cornerstone in most cybersecurity incidents. Sometimes, all it takes for criminals to succeed is for people to open an email attachment or click a link.

And if we add spam to this equation, we're left with a complicated problem. Email filters might solve some issues and reduce the number of emails we shouldn't get, but that number is never zero. In fact, the biggest problem is represented by well-crafted emails designed to deceive filters and reach the safety of the Inbox.

Security solutions catch malware on protected devices, but our Bitdefender Labs research shows that one in five financial and bank-themed spam emails analyzed were phishing attempts. This means the number of attacks trying to get people to click on malicious links or open attachments is much higher than we might suspect, and we still need something to deal with the rest of the emails.

Going to the source

One way to deal with malicious emails is to scan them as they arrive in the Inbox, but that would mean integration with numerous email clients and complicated setup procedures. A better way is to integrate Email Protection directly with Gmail and Outlook web service providers, so there's no dependency on local email clients.

Email Protection only needs to be set up once, after which all incoming emails will be automatically scanned before they reach your Inbox. The ingenuity of this method means the protection has nothing to do with the platform chosen by the user, as it functions across all computers, laptops, phones, or tablets after the initial setup.

Power to the user

As soon as the security solution scans the incoming message, Email Protection displays a label in the user’s Inbox showing which email is clean and which is shady. The user still has the power to make any decision regarding the email, but that decision will be much better informed thanks to the “safe/unsafe” labels.

Of course, Email Protection provides statistics and management per each protected email account. Users can also view by day, for the last 30 days, information about detected threats and the reason for any particular detection. Also, you can choose up to five mailboxes to be protected across any device used to access the accounts.

Bitdefender Email Protection is available now at no additional cost for new and existing Bitdefender Premium Security, Premium Security Plus, Ultimate Security, and Ultimate Security Plus plan holders.




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