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How They Did It: New Infographic Dissects Complete Chinese APT Attack Cycle

Michael Rosen

December 09, 2020

How They Did It: New Infographic Dissects Complete Chinese APT Attack Cycle
  • New Infographic breaks down the key attack stages and specific detections revealed by Bitdefender solutions
  • Visually summarizes our detailed exposé of a Chinese APT group targeting Southeast Asian governments
  • Bitdefender technology detects the malicious payloads and maps the behavior in each attack stage
  • Proves the value of Endpoint Detection & Response, Managed Detection & Response and MSP solutions

Security Practitioners: Maybe you missed our blockbuster APT exposé webinar, the executive summary or our earlier blogs on the adversarial TTPs and attack timeline? Perhaps you have just a few free minutes in your busy workday to catch up on APTs and sophisticated threat actors? Well, we’ve got a bite-sized treat for you.

You’ve heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words”? In this case, it’s worth over 7 thousand—the length our comprehensive threat research report—which we’d love for you to read of course, but we also realize that this level of detail is not for everyone, so we hope you visual learners out there enjoy this Infographic!

Bitdefender experts can help you realize the full value of your security investments with industry leading Endpoint Protection, Endpoint Detection & Response, and Managed Detection & Response solutions tailored to your business needs and risk profiles. Managed Service Providers, we’ve got you covered as well with scalable best-in-class Cloud MSP Security that you can centrally manage to secure your customers worldwide.

Are you prepared to detect and respond to advanced attacks? Contact us for a free security consultation today!

Infographic - Bitdefender Chinese APT Southeast Asia Branded




Michael Rosen

Michael is Director of Technical Product Marketing for Bitdefender’s Data Center and Network Security Products. He has an MBA in Information Systems, a JD in Law, and 20 years of experience bringing innovative enterprise security software systems to market. Michael enjoys diving deep into products and making technical content accessible to general audiences.

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