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Billed for the first yearfirst month

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

See Terms of Use below.

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A record 40 BILLION records were compromised by data breaches last year

In 2021, millions had their personal data & online accounts exposed due to attacks on healthcare, government, finance & retail databases. Data breaches are getting bigger — and hackers are getting smarter.

SOURCE: 2020 Year End Data Breach QuickView Report, Risk-Based Security Analytics
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Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection

Bitdefender Shields You From the Dangers of Data Breaches by Monitoring Your Personal Data in Real-Time


The best way to protect yourself is to keep updating your account logins & passwords. But who remembers every account they’ve ever made?

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection hunts down your scattered personal data for you — even scouring the dark web — and puts it back where it belongs: in one place, under your control.

How Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection Works

Nothing to download, nothing to install. The instant you sign up, Bitdefender’s award-winning technology begins probing the deepest corners of the web, checking if your personal details are exposed.



Get a 360° view of ALL of your personal data

This service lets you see your digital footprint, even traces from services you no longer use but still have your data. After years of online activity, you’ll finally know what sensitive data of yours is out there and where.



Closely monitor & report breaches, 24/7/365

Bitdefender continuously monitors both the public web and the Dark Web on your behalf, immediately reporting any and all breaches that put your personal data & identity at risk.



Take quick, decisive action and stay safe

No more worrying about what you should or shouldn’t do next. Bitdefender gives you simple, specific, 1-click action items to instantly close up leaks and weak points in your digital footprint.


Always keep an eye on your ID Protection Score.

Bitdefender Identity Protection shows you how well you score on the ID protection scale by taking into account amongst others the number of breaches you’ve been linked to and the type of information that’s been exposed. The higher you score, the safer you are.

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With Bitdefender Watching Your Back, You Can Finally Relax

Get an added layer of protection from the security provider that’s never let you down.
If you like Bitdefender Total Security device protection, you’re going to love the simplicity & efficiency of Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection monitoring dashboard.

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100% Automatic, Nothing to Install

No complicated setup whatsoever. As soon as you create your account, Bitdefender gets to work, safeguarding your data and reporting back to you. Find all the info you need and monitor your data exposure in the dashboard.

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Get a full 30 days to compile and clean your digital footprint, risk-free. If you’re not satisfied with the result, we’ll refund your money, simple as that.

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The Brand IT Experts Choose & Use

Bitdefender has been the most consistently top-rated cybersecurity brand for more than a decade. Why choose anyone else?

Why is online privacy so important nowadays?

Online privacy means protecting your private and financial data from cybercriminals. Such personally identifiable information has great value on the Internet and once these details are leaked, your money is no longer safe. You will need a reliable service for continuous identity protection and monitoring to make sure your private data always stays private.

What is my digital footprint?

Your digital footprint is your entire online activity. Each login into your social accounts, each bank transaction, everything that you purchase online can be exposed to data breaches. You need to be aware at all times about the way your private and financial data is stored and handled - and take the necessary steps to protect it.

What are data breaches and how do they impact my personal accounts?

Data breaches are security incidents when private data is leaked to unsafe environments. These can be exploited by cybercriminals all around the globe to gain access to your online identity. Data breaches can impact your credit score, medical insurance, college funds, or even your retirement account.

How can Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection help with my online privacy?

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection continuously monitors your personal information and alerts you in real time in case of a data breach. This way you can change your passwords and secure your accounts to prevent any financial loss or social media impersonations.

Where does Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection look for data?

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection looks for data on the surface web (social media networks, posts, blogs, forums, data brokers, publications, offline databases) but also on the Dark Web marketplaces, where cybercriminals trade information gathered from data breaches.


How is Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection different from other (free) services?

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection has unparalleled capabilities of monitoring considerable volumes and higher quality of data from the Dark Web. The information from the Dark Web is curated and de-duplicated so we can reduce false positive alerts.

I’ve already purchased. How do I activate Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection?

After the purchase you will receive an email with the instructions to activate the service. Click on Get Started button, create a Bitdefender account or login to an existing account and the service will be active. In order to use the service follow the onboarding steps.

For more details on how to activate and use Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection, click here and follow the detailed steps.

How can I use the service? Do I have to download anything?

You do not have to download anything, as Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection is an online service. You gain access to a web dashboard where you can monitor all your personal accounts in real-time.


How can I receive alerts for future data breaches?

To receive alerts for future data breaches you simply sign up for e-mail alerts from your web dashboard and you will start to receive privacy alerts and security reports from Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection.