Product update issue impacting consumer Windows product: error message appearing on screen after engine update

On the 6th of February, a number of Bitdefender customers running consumer products on Windows were presented with an error report regarding the unexpected stop of vsserv.exe

An engines update scheduled earlier today was not completely delivered to some customers, which caused the engines to report the error. Our automated quality control mechanisms retired the update immediately and rolled back the engines to the previous stable configuration.

The update was online for 15 minutes and was received by a limited number of users.

During this window, no files were lost or removed from the devices. The rollback reverts the effects of the update and is delivered automatically. In order to expedite the rollback, you can manually force an update by right clicking the Bitdefender icon in your system tray and clicking the “Update” option. Wait for 5 minutes and afterwards please perform a reboot of the system.

After the reboot, please open up the Bitdefender program and verify if the green Your device is protected message is displayed.

Should you still encounter issues please follow these steps:

1. Open up the Start Menu

2. Type CMD

3. Right click on the Command Prompt entry and select Run as administrator.

4. In the new window please type “sc start vsserv” without the quotes and hit Enter

5. Wait a couple of seconds and retry opening Bitdefender

If your issue persists, please try contacting us using the contact form.

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