Safepay cannot start correctly due to Acronis Scheduler Helper

When using Safepay some applications might try to switch, without any consent, to the regular Desktop.

For this reason these applications are considered to be conflicting with Safepay. Acronis Scheduler Helper is one of the processes that does this. That is why when starting Safepay, if Acronis is detected on the computer, you will receive a notification that the program might interfere with Bitdefender.

Acronis 2

In order to solve this situation we recommend turning Acronis off, when using Bitdefender Safepay. To do this, you will have to:

1. Click the Windows logo in the lower-left corner of the screen and type Services.msc, then tap Enter.

2. Right-click on Acronis Scheduler2 Service and click Stop.

Acronis 1 EN