Run filesystem check in the GravityZone Virtual Appliance

You can run this operation when Recovery Mode is available in GravityZone Virtual Appliance.


Virtual Machine console level access to the GravityZone virtual appliance (provided through your hypervisor management software).

Run filesystem check in GravityZone Virtual Appliance Recovery Mode
  1. Open your hypervisor management software.

  2. Start the GravityZone Virtual Appliance.

  3. Press any key to interrupt the boot sequence. During the boot sequence, the GRUB boot loader appears on your screen.

  4. Use the arrow keys to select Advanced options for Bitdefender GNU/Linux and press Enter.

  5. In the following screen, select Bitdefender GNU/Linux, with version x.x.x-xxx-generic (recovery mode). GravityZone OS boots into Recovery Mode.

  6. In the Recovery Menu, select fsck and press Enter. A confirmation dialog prompts you to validate your operation.

  7. After the filesystem check is done, you can see the finished output. Press ENTER to get return to Recovery Mode.

  8. Select resume to continue the normal boot sequence.