Vulnerability Assessment

Bitdefender BOX introduces Vulnerability Assessment, a newly developed technology for your BOX at home!

What is Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability Assessment scans you entire home network to identify any weak spots that can compromise its integrity.

From experience, we know that hackers will not breach your smart TV to turn it on and off or to zap between channels, but rather to gain access to your other devices. It only takes one weak device to allow access to your entire home network.

Fortunately for you, Vulnerability Assessment can help you identify these vulnerabilities and remediate accordingly.

How does the Vulnerability Assessment technology work?

It’s as easy as tapping a button!

Bitdefender BOX scans your network, identifies and informs you about all vulnerabilities found in connected devices and network equipment that can lead to remote, unauthorised access, data theft or malicious attacks.

What’s next?

By clicking the <Vulnerable Devices> button in the Bitdefender BOX app, you can review the status of your devices and address each issue to keep your environment secure.

Stay safe!
The Bitdefender Team

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