[Product Update] New Bitdefender BOX feature lets you create a secure guest network

Whenever you share your Wi-Fi password — even if it’s only with friends — you put your home network at risk. But what if there was a way to let your guests browse freely using your connection while keeping your holiday pictures private?

Bitdefender BOX now lets you safely add your friends’ mobile devices to your Wi-Fi network without putting your privacy in danger.

Introducing Guest Network access

Guest devices may carry unknown issues, such as viruses that can infect your home network and make it vulnerable to attacks.

That’s why Bitdefender BOX, your smart home cybersecurity hub, now includes Guest Network, allowing your friends to connect to your home Wi-Fi without jeopardizing your privacy and security. Your devices won’t share the same connection with your visitors’ mobile phones, tablets or computers.

This way, if a guest device is infected, your main network will remain shielded from threats such as Trojans and other types of malware. As they’ll only use your Wi-Fi on the guest network, visitors won’t have access to any of the resources you are sharing with your family, like photos or other information you wish to keep private.

How does it work?

Guest Network allows you to create two separate networks: one for your family and one for temporary visitors. Everyone will enjoy Wi-Fi access, without threatening your family’s safety and privacy. This feature is easy to use, and you will have complete control over what happens in your network.

How can you configure Guest Network access?

  • Start by creating the guest network from Bitdefender Central app. You will need to set a separate password.
  • Share your network credentials with your guests. When they connect to the guest network, their devices will pop in in your Bitdefender Central app.
  • All your guests’ devices will remain visible in in your Bitdefender Central app even after they leave your network, and you will be able remove them whenever you want.
  • You can easily switch between the guest and home networks, but none of the devices connected to your guest network will have access to devices in your home network.

If you have any questions or need assistance please drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to help.


  • By Avi - Reply

    Can you please comment on any benefits or differences this new feature has over using an existing router’s guest network feature that is also protected by the Box?

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi Avi,

      In order for BOX to be installed in conjunction with a personal router, you’ll need to set the personal router into AP mode and for most routers, this means disabling access to most functions, including Guest WiFi. With BOX, we’d like to offer the same functionality of a commercial router, plus the protection that BOX offers.

      Regarding benefits, devices connected to the Guest network of BOX will benefit of the same level of protection as devices connected to the Home WiFi, without them being able to share files with your personal devices or having access to them.

  • By Brock Graves - Reply

    This is all fine and dandy except for one major exception. There is nowhere in the my Bitdefender account to create a guest network. Hopefully they will get that resolved sometime soon and provide explicit instruction on how to set one up.

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi Brock,

      This feature is only available for now in the Bitdefender Central app that you used to install BOX. Bellow you’ll find steps on of to enable it:

      1. Open the Central app on your smartphone and go to the “Devices” tab.
      2. Tap on the Settings wheel from the top right corner of the screen.
      3. Tap on “Guest Network”.
      4. Tap on “Enable Guest Network”.
      5. Fill in the Guest Network SSID and Password.

      • By Brock Graves - Reply

        Okay, thank you. You could have avoided a lot of confusion if you had simply stated that you need to run the Bitdefender app from you mobile device. I’m obviously not the only one who went to Bitdefender Central on their computer and could not set this up.

  • By Ken Clipperton - Reply

    I have a Bitdefender BOX 2. I logged into my Bitdefender Central account, but can’t find any place that will let me create the guest network.

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi Ken,

      The Guest WiFi of BOX can be managed through the Bitdefender Central app. In order to activate it, please follow the steps below:

      1. Open the Central app on your smartphone and go to the “Devices” tab.
      2. Tap on the Settings wheel from the top right corner of the screen.
      3. Tap on “Guest Network”.
      4. Tap on “Enable Guest Network”.
      5. Fill in the Guest Network SSID and Password.

  • By Don - Reply

    I can’t find any instructions on the site for setting up a Guest Network access as described in the article above. Please help.

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi Don,

      In order to enable the Guest Network on the Bitdefender BOX follow the steps below:

      1. Open the Central app on your smartphone and go to the “Devices” tab.
      2. Tap on the Settings wheel from the top right corner of the screen.
      3. Tap on “Guest Network”.
      4. Tap on “Enable Guest Network”.
      5. Fill in the Guest Network SSID (name) and Password.

  • By Chris Murphy - Reply

    Will the Box scan the devices on the guest network the same as it currently scans new devices connecting to the primary network?

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi Chris, yes it will but devices connected to the Guest WiFi will not be able to communicate with devices from your home network.You will also be able to see devices connected to the Guest WiFi in the Bitdefender Central app.

  • By Charlie - Reply

    There is no settings wheel in the upper right of the Central app. There are three dots but the choices there are:

    Change Box List
    White List
    Remove Box

    • By Bogdan Botezatu - Reply

      This feature is not available in the Central Web control panel, it can be only accessed via the mobile app on Android or iOS. I presume you are listing the options available in the Central Web panel. Try using the app and let us know if it worked for you.


  • By KV - Reply

    It tells me to connect to the BitDefender Box Wifi to change the setting.
    How do I do that?

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi, this depends on how you initially installed BOX. If you installed it to broadcasted WiFi, you should be connected to the WiFi broadcasted by BOX. In case BOX is installed in conjunction with a personal router (Netgear, Linksys, Asus, etc), you should be connected to the WiFi broadcasted by the personal router.

  • By Mike Hawthorne - Reply

    This sounds like a great option if you’re running an Air BnB or otherwise have lots of guests in and out of your home… I’ve been thinking about jumping on that bandwagon. This would be a great investment!

  • By Douglas E. Mitchell - Reply

    I just set up the Guest Account. I then noted that devices that I use have been moved into the guest list. How do I move those device back into my primary account? Thanks,

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi Douglas, it depends to which network your devices are connected. If those devices belong to you, you should have them connected to your home WiFi. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us at boxsupport@bitdefender.com.

  • By Ismael Moreno - Reply


    Now that the Box can manage a guest network, I was thinking of using this product to replace my current home router. However, I have a USB ssd storage device connected to my current router as Samba Shared storage for my home network, which prevents me from getting rid of my current router. If I switch my current router to an Access Point, will I lose this feature?


    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi Ismael, in most cases setting your personal router into AP mode will result in loosing some functionality like static IP, port forwarding but you will be able to set the same rules from the Bitdefender Central app. Regarding the Samba Shared storage, setting the router into AP mode should not have an impact on its functionality. However, BOX will change change the IP address of your router and you will have to access the network drive by using the new IP.

  • By Mike - Reply

    My Box2 is bridged with my dual frequency Linksys router. I very recently created a guest network. Somewhat coincident with the Guest network action, my WIFI 2.4 GHz network went to zero power/bars. Does the Guest network in anyway interfere with the existing configured networks?

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi Mike, please contact our support team at boxsupport@bitdefender.com. They will be more than happy to investigate and see if this issue is caused by BOX.

  • By Andrew - Reply

    I installed The Box2 and it works great so far. My previous router and access point became two access points within my house. I am using the guest network on the Box2 but it doesn’t reach enough of my home. Is there a way to have the access points also broadcast for the guest network as I need to extend its range?

    I am guessing I could buy and use a repeater but then the SSIDs would be different and I am looking for the same SSID, just extended range.


    • By Bogdan Botezatu - Reply

      Hi there.

      You are right, there is no way to extend the Guest Network via the access point devices. The Guest Network was designed for guests, and they usually spend most of the time in the living room. Simply placing the BOX in the living room should provide enough coverage for guests unless they have a sleepover and you need to extend this feature to some bedroom(s). Repeaters will work, you can configure the SSID to match the one set for the guest network.

  • By Mike - Reply

    Has anyone shared a printer between the home network and the guest network?

  • By Errol - Reply

    Does thebox2 come with premium VPN or does it need to be purchased seperately?

    • By Bogdan Botezatu - Reply


      The Bitdefender BOX v2 subscription does not cover premium VPN. This package has to be added separately.


  • By Bogdan - Reply

    Hi. I have a DVR connected to my guest network through an wireless access point. I cannot forward any port of the dvr. Is this a limitation of guest network? Thanks!

  • By Matthew - Reply

    Hi There,

    Quick clarification/question. I have my Box2 installed between my personal router and my ISP’s modem. The wifi on the Box2 is therefore turned off. However, I appeared to be able to still use the Box2 to create a guest network.

    Does this mean that even though I use my personal router for the wifi, I can still use the Box2 as a guest network and guests can connect directly to the Box2 in this configuration? I assumed with the Box wifi off the guest feature wouldn’t work with the configuration I have.

    Thanks for any feedback,


    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi Matthew,

      You are correct, we recently implemented advanced WiFi settings on BOX and now, even if you are not using BOX as a WiFi router, you can activate and use the Guest network on BOX. You’ll find below instructions on how to enable the Guest WiFi on BOX:


      The Bitdefender BOX team

  • By David P Kenny - Reply

    A little later to the party but would it then make sense to move all IOT device’s to the guest Network?

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi David,

      Moving IoT devices on the Guest Network does not solve the problem. There are IoT’s that store personal information locally, like login credentials, health info, etc. Moving them on the Guest Network does not mean they are protected. It simply means that they don’t have access to your home network devices. Someone with bad intentions will still be able to access them and steal the info kept locally.

      The Bitdefender BOX Team

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