CES 2017: An exclusive preview of the next generation Bitdefender BOX

The Internet of Things is the talk of the town at CES 2017, so it was only natural that we brought to Las Vegas the next Bitdefender BOX.

That’s right: the revolutionary device that combines hardware, cloud and software to secure all smart gadgets and appliances in your home is becoming bigger and better. At CES 2017 we are giving visitors an exclusive preview of the second generation Bitdefender BOX.

You can read about it, among other places, on TechRadar, Denver Post, GeekDad, PC World, MacWorld and Mashable.

Two years ago we invented a whole new type of household security. Today, when connected devices are all around us — from smart TVs to game consoles to lightbulbs to refrigerators — Bitdefender BOX is the ideal answer to the new security challenges of the IoT age.

Many smart devices have weak or no security, which makes them vulnerable to attacks. By taking control of a smart device, hackers can steal your private information, deplete your bank account, use the computing power of your household appliances to attack websites, and even physically harm you and your family.

Bitdefender BOX protects your home network and secures your mobile devices even when you are away from home. And the second generation of the device, to be launched later this year, comes with more power, more storage and enhanced features in a new form factor to take cybersecurity to the next level. Bitdefender BOX 2 will include advanced machine learning and intrusion prevention systems to pick up new threats and unsafe behavior.

Visit the secure smart home

Our booth at CES 2017 is all about the smart home. If you come to CES this year, make sure you stop by our house, complete with a kitchen, a living room and a lounge area, packed with the latest IoT devices — all secured by Bitdefender.

Naturally, Bitdefender BOX, which detects, monitors, and secures all internet-connected devices in a home, forms the centerpiece of the secure smart home.

“The number of internet connected devices in homes has increased dramatically and will reach 2.5 billion devices by 2019 according to Gartner research” said Ciprian Istrate, Vice President Consumer Solutions at Bitdefender. “We believe it’s high time to start thinking about protecting households not only from a physical integrity perspective, but also from a potential risk of virtual hijacking.”

Bitdefender’s IoT experts will also show visitors how Bitdefender BOX can block attacks from hackers. We are waiting for you from January 5 to January 8, at Sands A-C, booth 40550.


  • By Kathy Redpath - Reply

    So should I even bother buying 1st gen Bitdefender BOX? When will 2nd gen be available?

    • By Bitdefender BOX - Reply

      There is no launch date yet for the second generation BOX, but our readers and users will be the first to know. Our current BOX is an awesome product that secures your entire home network. If you think it answers your home security needs, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t get it. We’ll be happy to assist with your decision. If you have further question, please get in touch with us. We’ll reply promptly with all necessary details.

      • By Pooh - Reply

        Well I dunno, I called support to ask about Box 2, reference my upcoming license renewal for Box, asked a few simple questions, and got “no one knows how BD is going to handle current Box customers” in terms of using or upgrading to Box 2.

        • By Bogdan Botezatu - Reply

          Hello, Pooh!

          Sorry to see that. The answers you got from our tech support staff are scarce because the second version of BOX is scheduled to hit the shelves sometime in the second half of 2017. We don’t have the full details yet regarding pricing, availability and user transition because we’re really spending all our efforts to making the the best-in-class hardware work with the best malware protection money can buy.

          I appreciate your patience and I’d like to reassure you that it’s worth waiting for the new BOX. In the meantime, please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

    • By Eric - Reply

      I just bought the first one, and I guess I will just have to buy the 2nd one regardless just because I believe in this company and product so much.

  • By Robert - Reply

    I look for some technical details.
    There are two WIFI networks on my internet router. The DHCP service comes with different IP Ranges. Can BOX support this?

  • By Va5132 - Reply

    I have to say, I’m very disappointing that you guys decided to put wireless in the second version of the BOX. I already have a wireless router (that I had to pay for) from my ISP (FIOS) that I don’t use — I use my own much more advanced wireless router and just use my ISP router as a feed through to my better router. If I want to get a BOX 2 I’ll have yet another wireless router that I wont use. Putting wireless in the BOX 2 just means that the price goes up to accommodate for the extra tech. I believe this is a misstep by you guys. You guys should have stayed squarely in the firewall/gateway arena that you excel in and not strayed into the router arena. One of the main reasons I haven’t bought the first BOX is because it doesn’t have gigabit Ethernet and I don’t want it slowing down my network. Now with version two you guys are unfortunately making yet another misstep but in a different direction. I know this is very early on in the process… I guess time will tell once it’s released if it’s worth the buy. Right now I fear it will be priced too high because of the extra useless hardware (in my opinion).

    • By Bogdan Botezatu - Reply

      Hi there,

      Ever since its introduction, the Bitdefender BOX shipped with a built-in wireless radio. Version 2 will follow suit with better wireless support. The inclusion of Wi-Fi radio happens because the BOX has to run in a wide range of set-ups, such as configurations in which it is not allowed to integrate with the router (i.e. situations in which the router is provided by the ISP and its settings are locked down). From a price perspective, the integration of a radio module does not significantly impact on pricing, but the added value that AC1900 Wi-Fi brings to the device is priceless. For instance, the presence of the Wi-Fi module will allow users running old, slow and potentially vulnerable router owners to upgrade their infrastructure while adding security.

      Thanks for your suggestion; your input – as well as everyone’s in the community – has helped us shape and improve BOX, our next-gen solution to consumer security. We want the BOX to be future-proof so you can enjoy it for a long period of time.


      • By Va5132 - Reply

        Thanks for the clarification Bogdan. I stand corrected — and feel pretty stupid at that. I didn’t realize the first version had wireless. Oops! Wish I could delete my previous post. I wouldn’t want to confuse any potential customers. Keep up the good work. I’m excited to see how this turns out!

        • By Bogdan Botezatu - Reply

          No worries, it was an honest mistake! Thanks for your kind words!

  • By Derek - Reply

    Sure hope the 2nd gen supports Gigabit Ethernet. Lack of Gigabit Ethernet on the 1st gen made it a non-starter for many people like myself, or just upset customers for those who didn’t find out until after they made their purchase.

    • By Va5132 - Reply

      Yup, it does have gigabit Ethernet. https://www.bitdefender.com/box/nextgen/ Like you, the lack of gigabit in the previous version was a not-starter for me as well. This version on the other hand has me pretty excited.

  • By John - Reply

    Any more updates on this? Seems like this product was announced but with no further followup? How is someone to know if it is worth it to buy the existing box?

  • By john - Reply

    So you are deleting comments that are asking for an update? My comment yesterday simply asked what is going on since there has been no further info or updates on this product?

  • By JR - Reply

    The sooner you can bring this out the better. I am in a gigabit community and I really want the Box. Are you certain you can’t give a range on date of deployment?

  • By Joseph - Reply

    There are many boxes coming out, I wouldn’t go off buying one until you see what the others can do. Fsecure has it’s Sense product, Norton has it’s Core product. Cujo, is one of the few IoT protection devices that actually made it to the market other then bit defender that I know of at the moment, but it is not a router. It is a add on to your network, and though in the beginning it was terrible, they really are making some great progress. I bet in 3 months time, Cujo will be worth the money. Though, because there are other things coming out, it is probably best to wait for an all in one, though there is something to be said for stacking of products from other venders at times. I wouldn’t preoder anything at this time, you may not get your money back, like many of those kickstarter type things go flop, so just an FYI, you may pay a lower price, but if the product doesn’t come out, are you sure you will get your money back? Buyer be away!

    • By Bogdan Botezatu - Reply

      Hello, Joseph and thanks for your input.

      As you said, we are the first company to have released a working product in this category. We have been selling it since April 2014 and never missed a release. Now when more and more so-called “competitors” have started working on their first generation of devices, we’re coming with a completely new, better specced BOX with features that no other vendor can challenge. I don’t want to sound cocky, but we have more experience in building this type of product that anyone on the market and our detection technologies have been ranked no.1 for years. We’re not yet another startup crowdfunding a fancy IoT security gizmo, we’re a top player in the security industry with a dedicated research and development budget, a product that is proven to work and a timeline for the next version of the product 🙂

  • By Freddie - Reply

    Been waiting for a gigabit release as well as international shipping!. I’m sure this will be a breakthrough on the market.
    Many customers that are unfamiliar with computer security will buy one.
    I would buy one asap, the 1st gen has everything I need except the gigabit aspect and still no international shipping?

    • By Bogdan Botezatu - Reply

      The new Bitdefender BOX with Gigabit Ethernet and beefed up tech specs will arrive in the second half of the year. Keep an eye on this space to get updates about the product’s milestones.

      The absence of Gigabit Ethernet on the first generation of BOXes does not actually induce any performance drag. the BOX does not act like a sieve that filters all traffic – instead, it gets chunks of data for scanning rather than the entire file. This way, you won’t feel any impact on your bandwidth, even if you are downloading, streaming or gaming. Also, we’re gradually rolling out the BOX in other regions and we hope to have it available in your area by the launch of the second version.

  • By Urs Geppert - Reply

    Maybe I am completely wrong with this comment. But my logic would be to install a device at the very first source that means where my connection comes in. I have one router provided by my ISP which I only use to bring the signal in for 2 other routers (WIFI). I need two routers because my house is pretty big. Thus, for my purpose it would be the best solution to put your box exactly where the wired signal comes into my house. If the box provides 1 Giga it would probably not slow the whole system down. Is this a reasonable expectation?

    • By ipanyany - Reply

      I would also want a similar solution, where you can just place it in line.
      That’s why I didn’t get the box v1, as I understand it the only to make it work is by making it your DHCP server.

  • By Yesac Narocroc - Reply

    I have several questions, and I am hoping someone here can help:

    1. How does Bitdefender BOX (the original or new one) allow me to filter websites (akin to using OpenDNS categories and also black/white-listing URLs).
    2. I run a server on a specific port inside my home network, that needs to be accessible from the internet. Is there any provision for NAT/Port Forwarding?
    3. Can I see internet activity for Family devices once the device leaves my network? (i.e. can I get a report of what URLs are being accessed from an Android phone while it is connected only to the cellular network/coffee shot public wifi)? Back to question 1, can I control what URLs are blocked when a Family device is not on my network?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

    • By Bogdan Botezatu - Reply

      Greetings, Yesac and thanks for your questions.

      1. The new Bitdefender BOX will feature a powerful parental assistance module that will allow users to better control what kind of resources are blocked and which are allowed. Since the family devices can be linked with your home network via the Private Line, they will always be in your network regardless of whether they are connecting via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.
      2. There is no need to tweak anything else in your setup except for the port forwarding rules in your router.
      3. The upcoming BOX v2 will have extended reporting via the Parental Advisor feature that will cover the scenario you described above.

      Let us know if we can help any further.

  • By Cody - Reply

    I have heard alot of talk of malware being able to slip past bitdefender’s original box by using encryption and password protection inside of .zip files. Has there been any changes to make attacks that use these methods of hiding useless? Also when i was looking at purchaseing the original i had also noticed that i couldn’t use The Box with the modem my isp had issued will the new generation of the box also address this issue as well?

    • By Bogdan Botezatu - Reply

      Greetings, Cody.

      Most of the times, when a piece of malware is encrypted and obfuscated, the computer or mobile device at the other end of the connection is expected to be able to decrypt and execute it. This is where the local agents installed by the BOX are able to detect and neutralize the threat. For IoT devices that are unable to get agent-based protection, attacks we see used in real life only leverage firmware exploits and misconfiguration at the device level and therefore can be blocked by the BOX “in transit” to the target device.

  • By Matt M - Reply

    Is the Box compatible with Apple Airport products?

  • By James - Reply

    Hi Bitdefender, according to an article, Bitdefender has launched the BOX in Japan. Any idea if the BOX can be used in Singapore ? If not, will the 2nd gen BOX be available in Singapore ? – Thank you!

  • By Ian - Reply

    The current generation has a bandwidth of 100 Mbps, can consumers expect a significant increase in bandwidth of the second generation Box to support larger networks?

    • By Filip TRUTA - Reply

      Yes, you can expect v2 to offer gigabit capabilities. Stay tuned for the launch 😉

  • By boston girl - Reply

    I tried to install my new bitbox and the firmware update failed. So I followed instructions for recovery. It has now been an hour and it is still stuck in recovery mode. Please advise? Thanks

  • By boston girl - Reply

    Update to my comment. Support returned my call & box is running. Yay! Although, for protection away from home, it still says “pending.” It says to visit any website and wait for an invite to install a small agent. That hasn’t happened yet and it’s been quite awhile. Advice, please?

    • By Mihai Bubulac - Reply

      Hi, please contact the BOX support team by email at boxsupport@bitdefender.com and we will be more than glad to help.

  • By Christo Farmer - Reply

    Hi, I have been a client of Bitdefender for a number of years and have received an eMail about the Bitdefender Box 2 being available free if one owns Bitdefender Total Security. What I wish to find out is that since I am an IT Consultant and am busy at a major corporate company in their IT Security department and have spoken about the Bitdefender Box and its capabilities to safeguard especially IOT devices, I would love to get hold of a Bitdefender Box 2 so tat we could test it in the corporate environment to see its effectiveness. The question is : How soon will it be made available in South Africa or if it available here already, can you point me to the suppliers in South Africa please since it is quite urgent? Please respond to my email address as soon as possible.

  • By Rafael - Reply

    I believe I still have about 3 years left on my sub for my multi-device family plan. I hope Bitdefender has an offer for the owners of the family packs. I am a bit disappointed that it’s been 5 months and still nothing on the box. I let me sub for my Cujo expire in anticipation for the box (and no I’m not blaming anyone that was my decision) and I never expected this long a wait.

    • By Mihai Bubulac - Reply

      Hi Rafael, rest assured that we will have discounts for upgrade to BOX V2 for existing Bitdefender customers. If you wish to be notified regarding the BOX V2 availability, I suggest subscribing to our newsletter from here: https://www.bitdefender.com/box/nextgen/ .

  • By Home Security - Reply

    I am very excited about the potential of the V2 box. I am currently a customer of one of your “kickstarter competitors” and considering a transition. Currently I feel very limited by the fact that that the “kickstarter competitor” box cannot scan all of my vlans, the company does not post a change log, we lack of transparency into how the product is really working, and we lack ability to perform what should be simple actions like a reboot and setting a static IP.

    I have the following physical network config:
    Internet -> Router on mgmt vlan -> Switch on mgmt vlan -> APs on mgmt vlan -> clients on client vlan

    Will we be able to place the BitDefender Box v2 in between a router and a switch and have 100% of the network scanned, regardless of vlan/subnet crossing over the trunk? Will the 2.0 box be able to pass traffic in bridge mode @ 1Gbps and not slow down a 1 Gbps fiber internet connection? Will it be possible to operate the v2 box without it being a DHCP server, router, and/or gateway, e.g. operate in bridge mode and just scan the packets/frames crossing? Can you describe how the box scans and watches the network, in particular, does bitdefender use any of the ARP tricks employed by a few of the other boxes on the market now?

    thank you.

    • By Mihai Bubulac - Reply

      Hi, actually where you would like to place BOX would be the recommended way of installing BOX V2. The recommended installation for the second version will be in Bridge mode. When you say ARP tricks, are you referring to ARP spoofing? If so, neither this version or the new one does not use this method of inspecting traffic. The current version inspects the requests to URLS and IP addresses made by your devices by using the Bitdefender cloud datebase. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you more on how BOX V2 will inspect traffic. What I can tell you that it will offer multiple layers of protections though one of a kind technology.

      • By Home Security - Reply

        Very glad to hear that there is no ARP spoofing, flooding, or other manipulation in play in addition to hearing that the recommended deployment is in Bridge vs DHCP mode; I don’t like that your ‘kickstarter competitor’ made me add in this DHCP server which took over as a gateway for a single VLAN in my network.

        Will the V2 box be closer to 1 Gbps in bridge mode?

        Also, will the V2 box be VLAN aware or be able to scan all vlans running over the trunk? I currently cannot place any scanning box on my trunk line between my switch and edge router/firewall because it will only scan the primary VLAN running the trunk which is the VLAN that your V2 scanner box will also be placed in. My current issue is with running Ubiquiti Unifi USG + Switches + APs; the Unifi USG Switch trunk port doesn’t like to have anything in line, especially when it is tagged for a different VLAN. The confusion for the device comes from the fact that the USG can only hand out IPs on one VLAN and that only the switch is aware of the other VLANS; the USG only likes to see the trunk coming in on VLAN1. In short, please dont drop/ignore packets that are in a different VLAN, please scan them all!

        • By DJ - Reply

          I have the same setup. Any further news on VLAN support with your UniFi system?

  • By Josh - Reply

    I would like to see the Box device be compatible with Google’s mesh wifi. I have the first generation Box device, but it does not work with Google’s Wifi devices. Any chance this will be supported with Gen 2?

    • By Mihai Bubulac - Reply

      Hi Josh, we are working on making BOX V2 compatible with all network equipment’s and this also includes the Google WiFi.

      • By Nick H - Reply

        This is a big one for me. I have a box V1 setting here I don’t use because it screws up my mesh. I’ll be all over a V2 if it’ll work with my Google mesh.

    • By Doug - Reply

      I have google mesh wifi with 3 WAPs (one being primary with WAN port). If DHCP is disabled (which is possible on google mesh wifi), would Box 1st gen work as an in-line security appliance if installed between the primary WAP and the internet?

  • By Scott - Reply

    I have the AmpliFi mesh wireless installed at my residence, will the Bitdefender Box 2 be compatable withthis setup?

    • By Mihai Bubulac - Reply

      Hi Scott, in order for BOX to be installed onto an existing router, it needs to disable a function on the router called DHCP server. From what we know it is possible to disable the DHCP on an AmpliFi mesh and this makes it 100% compatible with BOX.

  • By John - Reply

    Hi all
    New updates about the release date? Im not sure if i should wait for Bitdefender Box V2 or buy the F-Secure SENSE. Can someone give me please a release date?
    thank you

    • By Mihai Bubulac - Reply

      Hi John, we are planning to release BOX V2 this fall.

    • By Consumer - Reply

      John, FWIW Bitdefender antivirus/malware *software* has performed much better for me than FSecure.

  • By Christopher Wagner - Reply

    Hello! I understand that (original) BitDefender Box did not allow for reserving of IP addresses for things like NAS and printers (according to an early review). Has this been corrected in the new BitDefender Box?

    • By Bogdan Botezatu - Reply

      Hello, Christopher!

      Even BOX v1 can do IP reservations per device so we’re going to have this feature in v2 as well.

  • By Graham - Reply


    When can we expect this to be sold in Australia?

    I don’t think the first version is here yet… I am happy to be wrong about that, but your store says available in US only…

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi Graham, we do plan to extend the availability for BOX to other parts of the world as well such as Australia but for now we don’t have an exact date for when this will happen. If you wish to be notified regarding the BOX availability and more, please register to our newsletter from this link: https://www.bitdefender.com/box/nextgen/

  • By Zac - Reply

    Hi – how do I sign-up to receive an update / notification when the second box will be released? And/or, do you have any documentation yet on the transition from Box v1 to Box v2? Seems like a great product, but I don’t want to buy something that you will replace in three months.

  • By Ming Fang - Reply


    I’m excited about this BOX 2. I want to know how to position it if I have this. I have an ISP modem (it is in bridged mode) and ASUS router. the ASUS router is the one that manage my network and WIFI for the house. If I get this BOX 2, should I connect the BOX 2 in between the ISP modem and ASUS router (ISP modem -> BOX 2 -> ASUS router -> PC)?

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi Ming, you are correct, the recommend way of installing BOX V2 will be in bridge mode, in between a modem and a router. However, it will also be able to act as a router if you prefer it to work that way.

  • By Ming Fang - Reply


    Will the BOX 2 going to be work in Canada region?

    • By Loredana - Reply

      Hi Ming Fang,

      BOX V2 will be available in Canada as well. Thank you for your interest.

  • By Graham - Reply

    I see… lets go with no plans yet then hey…

  • By Glenn - Reply

    Will the box 2 be available in Australia?
    And can it be used in a load balancing situation where 2 internet services are shared across the network.

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi Glenn, we working on making the second version of BOX available also in Australia. If you wish to be notified regarding the availability and more, please register to our newsletter from this link: https://www.bitdefender.com/box/nextgen/.

      Regarding your second question, I’m guessing that for 2 Internet connections, you have 2 gateways. If this is the case you will need 2 Bitdefender BOX’s.

  • By Ming Fang - Reply


    I have a samsung wireless printer at home. I remember when I setup this printer up, it requires a WPS features from my router. If I use BOX V2 as my router, will the BOX V2 has WPS feature to re-configure my printer into the wifi network?

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi Ming, the second version of BOX will not have WPS but you will not need to reconfigure your printer as nothing will change for it. You will still be using your existing router and the only difference will be that BOX will scan the traffic that goes through the router.

  • By Simple - Reply

    I am curious of the pricing structure for the V2 BOX. I am currently a V1 BOX owner and my subscription does not expire for a while.

    I just realized my internet company will support two modems on my line for no additional monthly cost to me. This will allow me to create a primary and IoT network with out VLANs. I am waiting for the release of the V2 BOX to cover my current primary network. My new IoT network will depend on what Bitdefender will charge for:

    The hardware upgrade (V1 to V2) within the current client’s purchased BOX package.

    Adding an additional BOX to the current Client’s purchased BOX package.

    Thank you! Love the BOX, the Total Security package, and Bitdefender! Keep up the good work.

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi, rest assured that we will have upgrade offers from BOX V1 to BOX V2 for existing customers. We will also be able to create tailored offers for customer such as yourself.

  • By Danny - Reply

    Is there updated information about a release date for Box V2? I am really excited for its release and can’t wait to get one!

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi Danny, unfortunately we do not have an ETA yet but stay tuned for more info.

  • By Mike - Reply

    I was also wondering when the BOX V2 will be released, I have recently purchased BOX V1 at the beginning of June. I am really looking forward to the enhanced protection features of the next BOX. I cannot find anything on BOX V2 other than a website stating there are pre-orders available and may ship at the end of the year. I was not able to find a pre-order anywhere.

  • By Mihai - Reply

    Hi Mike, at the moment we don’t have an exact date for when we’ll be releasing BOX V2. What I can tell you is that we’ll launch it by the end of the year. Rest assured that if you already own BOX V1, we will have offers for upgrading from BOX V1 to BOX V2.

  • By Luis - Reply

    My network is used for my business as well as home devices, so I need business level of security to protect client data.

    I have an ASUS RT-AC88U Wireless-AC3100 Dual Band Gigabit Router with built-in “AiProtection from Trend Micro”. The AiProtection is supposed to totally protect anything connected to the network including IOT devices. AiProtection is described here: https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1012070/.

    I also already have the Bitdefender Total Security software, so I have two layers of protection and feel my network is already pretty secure. Do I need the Bitdefender box on top of this or honestly would it be a waste of money?


  • By eli - Reply

    Few questions
    Can i preorder the box 2?
    Download speed for box one is 100mb capped what would it be for the box 2. i am getting 300mb downloads currently.
    would this box 2 slow down internet speed ?
    also would the box 2 stop brute attacks people trying to hack camera system in house or any other device or wifi password ? Multiple password attempts to get in.

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi Eli, BOX V2 will support speeds up to 1 Gbps so it will not slow down your network. The new version of BOX will have multiple layers of protection including brute force attacks protection.

  • By William - Reply

    Do you have an update on the expected release date for Box v2? With the announcement of the updated device coming near the end of this year I am not buying the old hardware. I’m not going to wait forever though!

    • By Bogdan Botezatu - Reply

      Hi there, William!

      The launch date for version 2 is scheduled for mid-to-late November this year for the United States. The product is feature-complete and we’re doing small tweaks to the packaging and artwork before we send it into the world.

  • By Thomas - Reply

    I just extended my Bitdefender Total Security (5 devices) for another 2 years while I’ve been waiting the release of Box v2. Any idea on the price yet?

    • By Bogdan Botezatu - Reply

      Hi there, Thomas!

      Thanks for renewing with us, the second version of the BOX is just around the corner. In the US, it will be available for purchase in mid-to-late November. We’ll announce the price shortly.

  • By Oliver Snow - Reply

    Will VPN like Tunnel Bear mess with the Defender Box V2 VPN/security. I know having two VPN on at the same time doesn’t go well most of the time.

  • By Shelley - Reply

    Hi, do you have an update on the release of Box V2? If I purchase Box V1 now, can I trade it in for V2 credit?


  • By Wade - Reply

    Will the BitDefender box 2 have support for multiple deployments of BitDefender boxes? For instance, I would like to get one for my parents (who live roughly 2 hours from me) as well as one for myself. Can I remotely manage both boxes from the iPhone app? Also, if this is possible, will the app have the ability to manage different generations of BitDefender boxes — if for instance I get my parents an original BitDefender box and myself a BitDefender box 2, can I still manage them both remotely from the iPhone app?

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi, the answer is Yes, you will be able to setup and manage multiple BOX’s with the same account.

  • By Jonathan - Reply

    Hi. I’m kind of interested with this but I heard that the first Bitdefender box doesn’t work with modems that doesn’t allow turning off DHCP. I just looked into my modem/router combo’s settings and I’m one of the unlucky ones that doesn’t allow changing DHCP to static. Will the new Bitdefender box work even with DHCP? Will the new one have a negative effect on gaming like the ones from Steam or Origin? I live in an apartment building and would love to have my entire network protected.

    By the way, I’m currently using a trial of Bitdefender Total Security 2018 and I like it a lot. The autopilot feature is very unobtrusive and it caught malware that Windows Defender simply missed. I think I’m getting a subscription.

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi, BOX 2 has been significantly improved in terms of setup based on feedback gathered from BOX 1 customers so rest assured that the installation and overall experience has drastically improved.

  • By Barry - Reply

    Where can I pre-order my Nextgen Bitdefender Box 2?

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi, at the moment we don’t have a pre-order campaign in progress, nor do we have more information regarding discounts. If you wish to find out more, please follow our blog and website.

  • By Barry - Reply

    and any dual or trio packaged deals or discounts?

  • By John Clark - Reply

    Sorry to badger you Bogdan, but here it is, mid-November, and still no word on availability or pricing for Box V2.

    Just this morning I got another email offering a V1 for $70. I understand you wanting to unload as many of the older devices as possible before releasing the new one, but you’re going to anger a lot of people by not being clear about what they’re buying, and what’s just around the corner. I like Bitdefender, and want to keep using you guys, but there’s stuff going on here that could easily end up leaving the company with a lot of mud on its face.

    I hope someone there will respond to this, as well as questions like Shelley’s above. Please don’t resort to typical corporate shenanigans!


    P.S. Folks on the front lines of support all over the world, like myself, have the potential for sending a *lot* of business your way, especially in today’s wild & crazy, and confusing, security environment. I hope someone there is thinking about that.

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi, first of all let me thank you for your feedback. As for BOX 2, stay tuned for more as it will be available by the end of the year.

  • By albert - Reply

    What is the throughput speed of Box 2?

    • By Mihai - Reply

      Hi, the new generation of BOX will be 1 Gbps compatible, the technical specs are:
      CPU: 1.2GHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex A9
      Memory: 1GB of DDR3Storage: 4GB of eMMC / NAND
      Wireless: Dual Band Wi-Fi, simultaneous 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz802.11n MIMO 2×2 + 802.11ac MIMO 33 AC1300

      • By albert - Reply

        I am novice so don’t know exact terminology. My previous gigabit router had a wan-lan throughput of only 150 mbps. It was bottleneck for my 300 mbps internet cable. My current gigabit router has wan-lan throughput of 800 mbps. What is the comparable throughput for this Box2?

  • By User1 - Reply

    Does the New Bit Defender Box 2 Support IPV6?

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