Smart digital traps could put an end to pest infestation

The internet of things makes everything easier; it cuts costs and offers a bunch of opportunities in the industrial sector, starting from shipping and logistics to waste management and traffic. But who would have thought a company would use it to catch rats?

Anticimex SMART is a “humane and environmentally friendly” solution for pest control. Inspired by a motion-detecting rat trap used in the sewers of Copenhagen. Swedish company Anticimex came up with fully automated digital traps that run on rechargeable batteries. Because networking is SIM-card based, workers are informed via text when maintenance is required, reducing risks and the need for manual checks.

The devices collect real-time data and the information is stored in the cloud for the company to establish motion trends. While the initial system only contained basic reporting, Anticimex joined efforts with software company IFS and developed “a more meaningful IoT platform, getting data into a more useful repository.” Since April, the platform has been used under trial in Finland.

By collecting data, the technology gives traps a new source of value and industrial customers can be more informed when overcoming the challenges posed by rodents. The close monitoring of worldwide pest trends will help industrial customers improve pest control, aligning with the company’s global vision of becoming a leader in pest control prevention.

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