Secure your smart home devices before it’s too late

Tomorrow’s smart home is already here. From smart TVs to smart thermostats and smart baby monitors, smart devices are more prone to cybercriminal hacks than you might think.

Smart gadgets and appliances make a home smart. And today’s smart connected home is all about the ability to remotely or automatically manage things and perform various tasks, saving you time and energy. There’s one catch though. An appliance connected to the internet is vulnerable to cyberattacks.

The Internet of smart internet-connected Things is growing huge and it will make our lives better. However cybercriminals are looking to turn these smart things into zombies and use them to do all sorts of crazy bad stuff.

So before you buy a new internet-connected device or a smart appliance for your home, make sure it can be updated with the latest security patches, and see if the vendor takes security seriously. There are also a couple of tips for securing your smart home against cybercriminals, so stay tuned for our next video.

Think security and save yourself a world of trouble. Check out this video for easy tips and tricks to make your smart home safer.

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