Woolworths says info of 2.2 million MyDeal customers was exposed in data breach


October 18, 2022

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Woolworths says info of 2.2 million MyDeal customers was exposed in data breach

MyDeal, Australia’s leading online retail marketplace for home and retail products, has disclosed a data breach exposing the personal information of an estimated 2.2 million customers.

The online market, which was recently acquired by retail giant Woolworths, did not provide a specific timeline of the incident. While the security breach is under heavy investigation, MyDeal has offered details regarding the type of exposed customer data. This includes email addresses, names, phone numbers, delivery addresses and the date of birth for a limited number of customers.

“Not every MyDeal customer was impacted,” the company explained. “The majority of affected customers have only had their email address exposed. For some customers, information accessed includes customer names, email addresses, phone numbers, delivery addresses, and in some cases, the date of birth of those customers who have previously been required to prove their age when purchasing alcohol.”

No payment details, account passwords, or IDs in the form of driver’s licenses or passports have been exposed, according to MyDeal.

“MyDeal does not store payment, drivers licence or passport details and no customer account passwords or payment details have been compromised in this breach,” the data breach notification reads. “Importantly, the Mydeal.com.au website, which is a separate system, has not been impacted and is secure.”

Woolworths’ customers were not impacted in any way. While the company continues to work with law enforcement and forensic experts to find out what exactly happened, customers should be prepared for any opportunistic social engineering attacks and be wary of any unsolicited messages requesting sensitive information.

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