Ukrainian Man Arrested for Trafficking Sensitive Data of Over 300 Million Citizens


April 27, 2023

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Ukrainian Man Arrested for Trafficking Sensitive Data of Over 300 Million Citizens

A 36-year-old man from the western Ukrainian city of Netishyn has been arrested for allegedly selling personal data of over 300 million citizens across Ukraine and other European countries. The perpetrator is accused of administrating closed groups and channels on Telegram, where he allegedly sold the stolen data, prompting concerns about data privacy and the need for more robust digital identity protection.

The illicit data included passport information, birth certificates, taxpayer numbers, bank account details, and driver's licenses. According to authorities, the primary buyers of the stolen data were Russian, with transactions ranging from $500 to $2,000, using currencies banned on Ukrainian territory.

“As part of the pre-trial investigation of criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Art. 361-1 (Creation for the purpose of illegal use, distribution or sale of malicious software or technical means, as well as their distribution or sale), Art. 362 (Unauthorized actions with information that is processed in computers, automated systems, computer networks or stored on carriers of such information, committed by a person who has the right to access it) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and on the basis of a court order, law enforcement officers came to the person involved to conduct a search,” reads the police announcement.

During the raid, the culprit allegedly tried to hinder the investigation and injured a cyber police officer. Despite these challenges, however, law enforcement officers seized 36 hard drives, mobile phones, computers, SIM cards and server equipment containing several databases. The origin and extent of the stolen data will be determined through subsequent analysis of the confiscated materials.

“In response to the attack on the cyber police officer, the investigators of the Shepetivskyi District Police Department started a pre-trial investigation” for “threat or violence against a law enforcement officer,” the police said. The penalty for that violation “provides for restriction of freedom for a term of up to five years or deprivation of liberty for the same term. Investigations are ongoing.”

The recent data breach serves as a critical reminder of the constant risks in the digital domain, highlighting the need for individuals to defend their personal information and digital identities proactively. Individuals should adopt measures such as creating robust, distinct passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and exercising discretion when disclosing personal information online to enhance their security.

Investing in advanced cybersecurity systems, providing educational resources on data privacy, and promoting transparency in data handling are crucial steps toward mitigating cyber threats.

Specialized software such as Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection can help you stay a step ahead of threat actors by always knowing the extent of your digital footprint. Key features include:

  • Comprehensive dashboard where you can see your digital footprint, including traces from no-longer-used services
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